Mid-Autumn Festival brings a sense of excitement to most. At City Square Mall, we see more than 300 families coming “Together in the Moonlight”. City Sunshine Club (CSC), an initiative of City Development Limited‘s staff volunteer program partnered the effort by hosting 20 under-privileged children from Children’s Aid Society.

Children from Children's Aid Society taking part in an eco lantern making workshop as part of City Square Mall's Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations - photo City Square MallKids’ Mid-Autumn Fiesta

In the midst of the festive celebrations, children learn more about our environment and the plants in the park through an eco-lantern tour. After designing their unique lanterns, the children were led around City Green.

Chang’e, Hou Yi and the two ‘jade rabbits‘ shared ways to care for our environment, such as not wasting water and paper. Children had the opportunity to practice what they learnt by searching for materials that can be recycled in the living maze.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

City Square is intricately planned with numerous eco-measures. Natural light is optimized in the building and structure of the mall’s roof and curtain wall. Air-conditoning is set at an energy conserving temperature of 25degC , and integrated insulation regulates temperatures. The green environment beautifies the experience, and provides a cooling effect. At every point, the principle of the 3R’s is clearly demonstrated, and is an important step towards helping children realize the advantages of green living as a way of life.

City Square Mall Origami RabbitsRecord breaking Lantern made from Origami Bunnies

Families from across cultures joined in the festive spirit of Mid-Autumn and folded origami bunnies to form a huge lantern. Some just happened to be there, and others came specially to participate in the festive events.

Many children enjoyed a magic show with a rabbit as its star. Non-chinese families were immersed in the atmosphere and enjoyed joining in the celebration.

Enjoying the unique shopping experience at City Square Mall

Shopping at City Square is a must-have experience. The family mall offers various family-friendly features and services that allow mothers extra convenience while being able to teach children about the environment.

Hot-water dispensers are available in nursery rooms, and complimentary use of kiddy cabs and baby prams provide for more convenience while shopping. This miniature ‘town-cente’ for the family provides the perfect setting for the community to meet, play and shop while acquiring an eco-learning experience.