Every 15th Day of the 8th Lunar Month, ethnic Chinese all over the world joyously celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. A time to be thankful for the providence of the year’s harvest, a time to be with loved ones. A festival carrying with it many legends, myths pregnant with cultural overtones.

Date: 7 to 30 September 2018
Time: 9am – 8pm

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The moon – whose different phases guided the farmers when to plant, weed, prune, and harvest – is central to this Festival. It is no surprise that the Festival celebration moves into full swing after dusk falls. Moon viewing parties are a popular way to enjoy the evening with the soft glow of lighted paper lanterns, nibbles of delectable mooncakes and soaking up the atmosphere in the company of family and friends. Famous Chinese poets like Li Bai (李白), Zhang Jiuling (张九龄) and Su Shi (苏轼) drew great inspiration from such settings.

Although there are many myths surrounding this festival, the most celebrated is about Chang Er (嫦娥). She is often associated with having drunk the elixir of immortality to prevent the evil emperor from laying hands on it and causing endless misery. Having drunk that elixir, she then floated to the moon to reside there as the Goddess of the Moon. To date, she continues to be remembered and worshipped with elaborate lanterns, food offered as sacrifice and prayers at the sighing of the full moon.

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LANTERNS TO MY HEART celebrates this hope and optimism. Each of us wishes for the light in our innermost self to shine. None more than Ben Koh, 32 and Christian Tan, 23. Living in a world where words are hard to verbalize and actions sometimes misunderstood, Autism can be hard to live with. Art provides an outlet of expression, a therapy to allow others a glimpse into their worlds.

This exhibition inspires light like lanterns for us to share their innermost selves. The exhibition has been made possible by the generosity of CHINATOWN HERITAGE CENTRE. With heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude, we acknowledge their support in bringing this ray of hope to you. We hope you will come and enjoy this celebration.


Chinatown Heritage Centre (CHC) will be participating in “Yesteryears Once More” in conjunction with the Chinatown Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations, organised by Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng CCC.

Date: 21 & 22 September 2018
Time: 5pm – 10pm

chinatown mid autumn festival

Travel back in time to 1950s Chinatown, trace the footsteps of Singapore’s forefathers and experience what life was like in the past for early migrants who made Chinatown their home. Blast to the past dressed up as iconic Chinatown characters such as Samsui Woman, Coolie and Mata Mata, in costumes sponsored by CHC. Relive the precious memories and bring home snapshots of your time travel to “Yesteryears Once More”.


中秋节 – Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner and it is the season for colourful lanterns and delicious mooncakes!

Date: 1 to 30 September 2018
Time: 9am – 7pm

Have you ever wondered why we eat mooncakes during Mid-Autumn Festival?

According to Chinese legend, a leader of the Song Dynasty, Zhu Yuan Zhang, was unhappy at the prospect of being ruled by the Mongolians. He decided to instigate a rebellion against them.

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To inform the town people of the rebellion, Zhu Yuan Zhang ordered his army to bake moon cakes with hidden messages of the rebellion plan inserted into them. The plan was for the rebellion to take place during the night when the moon is the roundest and brightest. The soldiers then distributed the moon cakes to the rest of the town people. Thanks to Zhu Yuan Zhang’s quick thinking, the plan was a success and the Mongolian government was overthrown.

To commemorate Zhu Yuan Zhang and his victory, mooncakes are eaten every year when the moon is at its fullest.

Come and celebrate this traditional Chinese festival with us at Chinatown Heritage Centre. Make your own playdough mooncakes with a hidden message concealed inside and create your very own iconic character themed lanterns wearing Samsui hats, Chinese clogs and more – inspired by the amazing stories at Chinatown Heritage Centre!

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