Encourage your child’s creativity and enter the world of your child’s perspective. Take part in The New Age Parents’ Children Drawing Competition and a stand to win free kids Art Trial Class from Hans Art.

Drawing Contest Details
Submit your child’s most creative drawing and have their art pieces proudly displayed at The New Age Parents website.

The winning drawing for the month will be featured in The New Age Parents online Magazine together with your child’s photo and also a free kids art trial class in Hans Art.

Email your child’s art piece to admin@thenewageparents.com today! Closing Date of submission : 30 Aug 2009.

For Contest Rules and Regulations, please go to Kids Drawing Contest.

Below are the entries of our Aug Children Drawing Contest

  1. Crystal Yum Si Jie, 5 years old.
  2. Jarrell Chia Jun Cheng, 7 years old
  3. Sim Jian Xin, Jaylen, 6 years old
  4. Lee Wen Xuan Karel, 7 years old
  5. Tay Jia Ying, Denise, 7 years old
  6. Renee Liow, 5 years old

1. Crystal Yum Si Jie

Children Drawing Contest

Keropi on a Swing by Crystal Yum Si Jie

2. Jarrell Chia Jun Cheng

Jarrell Chia Jun Cheng

In memories of World Trade Center, New York by Jarrell Chia Jun Cheng

3. Sim Jian Xin, Jaylen

Save The Earth by Sim Jian Xin, Jaylen

Save The Earth by Sim Jian Xin, Jaylen

4. Lee Wen Xuan Karel

My Beautiful Baby Pony

My Beautiful Baby Pony by Lee Wen Xuan Karel

5. Tay Jia Ying, Denise

Kids Drawing Contest Happy Teacher's Day

Happy Teacher’s Day by Tay Jia Ying, Denise

6. Renee Liow

Kids Drawing Competition - A Busy Day

A Busy Day by Renee Liow

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