Child Behavior Problems


My child has behavior problems. He is 17 months and he likes to beat us on our face. We did try to tell him but it doesn’t work, I even beat his hand or just stare fiercely at him. But it still doesn’t work….Please help.


Can totally relate to this. Been there done that! Your son is in a phase where he enjoys watching reactions to things he does. When was the first time he did that to you? And how did you react?

When he did it to you the first time, did you discipline him as to not do it again? Try backtracking a little. I think you may have overlooked on that part that it why it is hard for him to stop it now because his question might be “I was allowed to do it the other time, why not now?”

The next time your son gets violent, hold him down firmly but be careful not to hurt him. Then tell him that we need to love each other and we should not hurt one another. Make him realise that each time he beats you, its very painful.

Show it in your face or try telling it to him. But be sure not to be too dramatic when you show the painful expressions on your face, he might find it rather amusing and will attack you again just to see your dramatic reactions. Time outs are needed in such situation. Be firm when you handle him but not too aggressive. He will wear out of the habit soon after.

About the Author
Ms Sachi is part of Team NYM. She is presently reading her honours in Child Psychology, graded to support her present experience in Early Childhood Education and she further plans to secure it by pursuing a Certificate or Diploma in Early Childhood.