Cherubs creater Keeli CambourneCherub Rubs is an organically certified skin care range formulated especially for newborns and sensitive skin. Keeli Cambourne, the creator of Cherub Rubs, is a trained natural practitioner and a mother of 3 children. She shared with us what is the difference between ‘organic’ and ‘certified organic’ and highlighted the importance of organic skincare for babies.

What is Organic?
Grown, cultivated and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals such as insecticides, herbicides and fumigants.

What does ‘Certified Organic” mean?
Certified organic is an independent third party guarantee of an “organic” claim. Certified organic products must comply with stringent international standards that cover all aspects of the processing chain to ensure that the organic integrity is maintained from seed, growing, harvesting, storage, transporting and processing through to the finished product.

• ‘Organic’ refers to a sustainable system of agriculture that prohibits synthetic chemicals
• Certified organic products contain a minimum 95% organic ingredients (excluding water and salt)

Why is Organic Skin Care Essential for our Babies?
The skin is the largest organ of the human body – even when you’re only minutes old. It is also the first line of defence in protecting us from the onslaught of toxins that surround us everyday. Cleaning and moisturising our skin and those of our little ones has been flagged as being paramount in keeping us free from disease and discomfort. Unfortunately, research shows that the cocktail of chemicals in even those products that claim to be “natural” skin care products can actually be doing more harm than good.

Be Careful of these Chemicals
In 2004, a British study found Parabens, a major component of all personal care products, in tissue taken from women with breast cancer. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), all parabens – methyl, propyl, and butyl, preservatives used in many mass-market skin care products, have been shown to interfere with the endocrine system. Another commonly used ingredient – Phthalates, are also believed to interfere with hormone processes. It has been associated with developmental problems in infant boys and can be found in many common products such as perfume and nail polish.

chemicals to avoid

Checking labels on personal care products is the first step in making sure that what you’re putting on your baby’s skin is natural and chemical free. Be wary of products that contain a recipe that reads like a chemical table. The only way customers can be assured that they are purchasing real organic products produced without the use of synthetic chemicals is to purchase products which have been organically certified with a leading independent certifying body such as:

certified organice labels

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