With SmartSense Home, you can now have a peace of mind.

Parents and caregivers can now monitor the temperatures in infants and young children without disrupting your daily activities and disturbing your child’s rest. This is made possible by Cadi SmartSense Home, the world’s first online wireless temperature monitoring system for home use.

What is SmartSense Home?

  • A wireless temperature monitoring system that transmits your child’s temperature every 30 seconds
  • A coin-sized temperature sensor, Thermosensor, is pasted to your child abdomen to conveniently measures your child’s temperature
  • The SmartNode then receives and sends the data to the computer
  • With the use of computer or smartphone, you can login to the SmartSense website to view real-time temperature readings
  • The system alerts you via handphone SMS, should the fever hit a specified temperature that you set.Cadi SmartSense Home2

Benefits of SmartSense Home

  • Comfortable temperature measurement for the child
  • Uninterrupted sleep or normal activities for the child
  • Real-time and automated temperature monitoring, parents can now have a good night’s sleep.
  • Continuous trend allow parents to act on the child’s fever when needed
  • Peace of mind for working parents as it allows you to have control over the child’s fever condition even when you are away
  • Allows immediate respond from parents or caregivers at anytime with the real-time SMS alert
  • User-friendly for the parents / caregiver
  • More efficient prescribed treatment with the availability of real time information for healthcare professionals

No software installation is required and usage is as easy as plug and play. SmartSense Home comes with 24hrs support hotline and money back guarantee.

Currently, SmartSense Home is available for rent online at www.smartsensehome.com or at 17 clinics throughout Singapore.

Now parents can monitor your child’s fever continuously and comfortably. Anytime. Anywhere.

If you are interested to rent a Cadi SmartSense Home or for more information , do visit www.smartsensehome.com. You may call their hotline at 62762676 (Mon-Fri office hours) and 9181 3771/9172 3654 (after office hours) or email to smartsensehome@cadi.com.sg

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