Bringing Baby Home to a Joyful RelationshipDate: November 27, 2012
Time: 6:00pm to 830pm
Location: 55 Market Street, level 10 Singapore, Next to Bank of Singapore Building

Course Content:

  • Defining and strengthening the couple’s relationship by clarifying the couple’s decision making platform.
  • Clarifying goals, expectations and duties of each spouse
  • Getting more tools for effective communication and conflict management

Course Outcome

  • Clear understanding of what it takes to make a successful transition to parenthood and maintain positive relationship
  • Learn skills that will enhance your relationship and help a couple to negotiate differences of opinions and expectations
  • Conflict management tool worksheets to take home

Delivery of Course

This will be a very experiential hand on course that will allow you tangible views into your relationship. The course will provide you a new foundation to take home and start practicing more effective relationship skills around conflict management and expectation management and goal setting.

Course Leaders

Lucy Billing Robbins, MA, CTRT-Supervisor USA Visiting Speaker
Tammy M. Fontana, MS, NCC, CTRT, Founder All in the Family Counselling & BabySleepFairy

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