True Motherhood Stories

One day, I was having this little conversation with my kids about school stuff and a lot more while fixing their school bags. I was busy getting rid of those crumpled papers from my son’s bags which were stealthily inserted in his notebooks and pockets and even within his pencil case.

Mother Child LaughingI was talking with sermons like “You should never waste papers and write unnecessary things on them”, You should throw your garbage every time you come home and keep your bags clean”, “You should not let your leftovers stay in your school bags overnight”. All these and more I kept saying while the two children stayed quiet, doing things as instructed and sitting still while I talked. Nashee, my youngest would look into my eyes and hold the look back every time I start a new concept to talk about.

Mothers really have hard time controlling their emotions and ceasing whenever they have started to open their mouths. Like me, the little issue on crumpled papers inside their bags reached the issues on world poverty, impoverished children, unemployment, the country’s president to their playmate in the neighborhood who doesn’t have decent clothes like them, their father who left us, and many more. Shan was talking back once in a while but I see to it that I would shut her up for some reasons of authority and pride.

I once paused for breath when my eldest kid asked, “Ma, why do you know all these things?” I sighed for what I thought was an easy question and answered, “Because I am your mother and I am old enough to have gone through it all. As people grow, they experience things and as they live, they learn from their experiences aside from what they learn from school.”

My daughter nodded her head and went back to her chore. My son stood up and asked, “Ma, what is that cat’s gender?” while pointing to the white cat passing through the neighbor’s fence. I paused and thought for a moment. I realized that I don’t know the answer to my son’s question. But I tried to grasp for one good reply as I said, “Maybe a male or a female?” and then he said, “It’s a lesbian.” Confidently, he turned to his sister and added, “She’s not yet very old.”

We all looked at each other and laughed.

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