brainy kids at play

At Brainy Kids Schoolhouse, we believe that the learning experience of every child begins at birth, as their brain development is able to make connections that will last a lifetime. Research has shown that the early years are important as it establishes the necessary foundation for future learning. Thus, we are committed to prepare a strong start in your child with quality programmes and having dedicated educators to nurture every child to be life-long learners in a safe, happy and enriching environment.

brainy kids every kid is unique

Every child is unique and each child needs to be developed to his or her fullest potential in a holistic manner. Children are our assets and we are committed in providing them the best quality care.

We believe in fostering a close partnership with parents as you understand your child best and are the ideal person to share valuable information about his or her interests, needs, daily experiences and progress with us.

Let us embark on this fascinating journey together.