blossomedu 10th anniversary2012 marks the 10th Anniversary of Blossom Edugroup. We are very excited to reach this significant milestone having focused on quality childcare and pre-school education for children between 18 months and 6 years of age.

History of Blossom Edugroup
The company was founded in September 2002, when Mr Lawrence Lim took over as the operator and principal of an existing childcare centre, Blossom Creative Centre in Bedok. In August the following year, the second centre, Blossom Educare Centre was acquired at Hougang. Thereafter, Blossom continued its expansion with the opening of Blossom Discovery Centre at Serangoon in August 2005, Blossom Berrykidz Centre at Hillview in June 2007 and most recently Blossom Aspiration Centre at Bartley in January 2012.

Profile of the Founder
Mr Lawrence Lim was a Ministry of Education (MOE) Teaching Scholar and obtained his Bachelor of Science from the National University of Singapore in 1992. After completing his teacher training at the National Institute of Education in 1994, he began his teaching career as a Mathematics and Physics teacher and was appointed the Head of Department in 1995 to lead a team of Mathematics teachers to design and implement a comprehensive Mathematics programme for the school. During this tenure, he also completed the Further Professional Diploma in Education programme at the National Institute of Education.

In 2001, he was posted to the MOE as Head of the Sciences Branch under the Curriculum Planning and Development Division. In this position, he managed the development of the syllabuses and teaching materials across primary, secondary and pre-university levels. He was conferred the degree of Master of Education in February 2004.

Blossom edu e-Profiling Login PageOur Innovations
Leveraging on his leadership skills as a branch head and department head, and his experience as a curriculum planner and developer, over the years Mr. Lim has injected up-to-date teaching approaches and learning activities into Blossom’s curriculum to ensure children benefit from the latest development and research in education. One of the major innovations is the launch of Blossom’s proprietary online e-Profiling portal in March 2007 that provides comprehensive feedback on children’s learning and development through the use of rubric assessments, e-portfolio and comparative benchmarking.

Blossom’s online e-profiling portal was granted a Singapore patent on 15 April 2010, ascertaining that our e-Profiling portal is the first and the only one in the world to provide such a comprehensive feedback mechanism on children’s learning and development and being the inventor grants exclusive rights to Blossom as the only institution in Singapore permitted to provide such a progressive feedback methodology.

Our belief in continuously developing and improving a programme that is unique to Blossom is clearly reflected through the two innovative projects that were supported by the MCYS Innovation Grant 2008. The first is the adaptation of an email marketing portal as a customer relationship management system to help enhance the communication between the centre and parents. The second project is the development of a lesson record and evaluation system that allows better monitoring of classroom lessons by the supervisors and subject specialists.

BlossomEdu curriculumOur Curriculum
Blossom’s curriculum is geared towards developing every child to be an independent, creative, compassionate, self-disciplined and life-long learner. Planning, refinement and alignment is constantly made to ensure that our pre-school programme prepares our children well for Singapore’s formal education system.

Two of Blossom’s key curriculum focal points are the Triple Track Syllabus implemented in January 2008 and the incorporation of the different Learning Styles of the children in lesson designs in January 2009. In recognition that every child is unique and learns at a different pace, Blossom has in place a Triple Track Syllabus that caters to children’s varying learning abilities. In addition, the different learning styles of children, i.e. Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic, are fully exploited and catered for by teachers while planning the lessons to enhance a positive learning experience for all the children.

In January 2010, we implemented our Parental Partnership Programme, thereby actively involving our parents in their children’s education by specially creating regular home-based activities for them to work with their children.

The management of Blossom Edugroup has over the years invested in strengthening our specially designed curriculum. Apart from the adaptation of well-known teaching packages such as Letterland, Fitzroy Readers, Rigby Maths and 乐中学 as our standard teaching and learning materials, in March 2005 we have also developed a set of Rubric Assessment that provide parents with detailed descriptions of the developmental progress of their children. This is subsequently integrated into our patented e-profiling and e-curriculum management portal.

Charity Fun Fair
To commemorate our 10th anniversary, we will be organising a Charity Fun Fair with Metta Preschool as the beneficiary. The Charity Fun Fair will be held at Metta School on the 8th of September, with special booths set up for games, art & craft activities and food.

Metta Preschool at Simei and Punggol are non-profit institutions specialising in early intervention programmes for children aged three to six, from various races and religions, who are diagnosed with mild to moderate autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and/or intellectual disabilities. Metta Preschool provides customised intervention programmes for these children in order to address their developmental lags, promote a satisfactory level of independence and realise their potential.

We hope to garner strong support from our parents and children, including the public to indulge in the joy of giving and make the Charity Fun Fair a great success!

This advertorial was first published in The New Age Parents online magazine Aug/Sep 2012 issue.