Biyou CollagenThe brand name ‘Biyou‘ (pronounced as ‘bee-yo’) means ‘beautiful face’ in Japanese. ‘美肌力’ is translated from the Japanese word ‘Bihada Ryoku’. ‘Bihada’ means ‘美肌’, beautiful skin. ‘Ryoku’ means ‘力’, power.

Biyou Collagen 美肌力 – Empower . Beauty.

Biyou Collagen 美肌力 is specially formulated with 5,000mg of Fish Collagen Peptide and premium ingredients of Marine Placenta® and Royal Jelly to promote youthful skin.

Marine Placenta® is a patented ingredient derived from Hokkaido’s choice Salmon ovarian membrane. Containing 9 different amino acids, collagen, hyaluronic acid and nucleic acid, it is rich in anti-aging properties and helps to improve blood circulation.

The drink also contains other essential ingredients of Vitamin C, Vitamin B2/B6/B12, CoQ10 and Hyaluronic Acid to combat signs of aging and promote radiant and youthful skin.

Made in Japan.

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