Two new guidebooks for working parents prove truly effective and different from any other
By Nadia Chan

ON MOTHER’S day last month, two new parenting books (by Ann Law) hit the shelves of Kinokuniya- “There is No Secret to Practical Parenting” and “There is No Secret to Fengshui Parenting“.

There is No Secret to Parenting

First released on and online at Barnes and Nobles, USA, the titles have received rave reviews from around the world.

One reader wrote on the author’s website: “Ever since I read the books, I have improved my relationship with my son. I have found the solutions very useful for parents… I certainly have become a much happier mother.”

I personally found “There is No Secret to Practical Parenting” a gripping and touching read from page one.

It is a handy guidebook designed with the working parent in mind shedding light on 7 major problems that today’s parents are most likely to face, including addiction to computer games.

“I’ve read many parenting books, and this book is good,” wrote Mr Arumugam, from Chennai, India. “Every sentence is worth reading. I’m a busy accountant… my children find me a better father now, our family are happier, thank you.”

It helps that readers can go straight to a chapter for help on effective communication to overcome a specific concern.

Ms C.W. Zhao, from Kowloon, Hong Kong says: “I have read many parenting books in Chinese and English and find them complicated. This Practical Parenting book is easy to understand, the parenting tips are effective and truly useful…every chapter is reminding me to be a better mum.”

The book has become a source of inspiration for parents. Jarorline from Texas, USA, says: “I’ve always dreamed of having a loving relationship with my kids. Your book contains tips that I have neglected… I am determined to improve on my parenting style. Thank you.”

There is No Secret to Fengshui Parenting, on the other hand, helps parents use Fengshui (Chinese geomancy) to improve children’s health, luck and behaviours.

Topics include how to select a good bed, arrange the study desk and calculate a child’s personal good directions based on his or her birthday.

I find that the book conveys the most important Fengshui concepts in a simple and effective manner, which makes it a gem.

Says Mr Muthusam from Hong Kong can’t believe how simple and effective the book is. He says: “Your book is really easy to understand. The Fengshui experts here in Hong Kong charge quite a lot of money, your book is worth the value.”

Mr Thomas from Sydney, Australia, for example, wrote: “The Fengshui parenting tips are great! …My son really improved in his health, school performance and behaviour …He’s a healthier and happier boy now, thank you for your simple yet effective tips.”

According to the author, she continues to receive some 200 “thank you” emails daily from around the world.

Mrs L. Thomson from USA says: “I’ve read other books on this subject but yours is truly easy to understand. We rearranged our things in our home, and I see positive changes already, I feel a new energy. I’m reading it over and over.”

She adds: “I would certainly recommend to all my friends for their Home, Education, Family, and Business, it’s a must read.”

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