We were approached by Innoform Media to review one of their new release – BabyTV on DVD of My First Years Library. I am more than happy to do so as my son, Ashton, is a “TV King”. I know it would be a simple job as I could use this as one of the bonding activities with the kids.

Ashton, Ashlyn and I were excited when we received the sample DVD today. We started our program soon after we came home from our morning trip to the Singapore Science Centre.

About BabyTV on DVD – My First Years Library

It is a comprehensive collection of DVDs consisting of all titles that contributes to the fundamental learning of the babies and toddlers. The 5 titles that will be released in the market will be:

The review copy that we received was on Farm Animals, which is one of the kids favorite topic currently. It is a 40 minutes english DVD, which was just right for the kids. They could take a break and rest their eyes after that.

The Farm Animals DVD is a very captivating yet educational one and teaches children about animals that are commonly seen in the farm. There are 2 main parts that make up the DVD. They are bright and vibrant colored animation to capture the children’s attention and also real shots of actual farm scenes which show the milking of the cow and shearing of the sheeps. The songs are catchy and familiar ones like “Mary had a Little Lamb“, “5 Little Ducks” etc. The children readily sang along. Apart from that, it is also very interactive as it prompt the kids to think by asking them riddles like “Which animal is black and white with wide nostrils?” Answer: The cow.

From the DVD, my children not only learned about different kinds of animals that they can see in the farm but they also learned more in depth as in how the animals contribute to our daily lives such as cow giving us milk.

Personal verdict: I love the way the DVD is being structured. There are a combination of games, songs and stories, which catered well to almost all the kids. Both Ashton and Ashlyn enjoyed different parts of the educational DVD. While Ashton focused more on the facts, Ashlyn enjoyed more on the songs. She even insisted that we sing “Old Mac Donald had a Farm” after watching BabyTV on DVD – Farm Animals. :)

Information on BabyTV on DVD

BabyTV on DVD is suitable for kids from 6 months to 48 months old. It is selling at S$14.90 per dvd. It will be available in the market from 25 Sept 09. Currently, it is only exclusive to Mothercare.