Ashputtel - The Story of Cinderella

Ashputtel – The Story of Cinderella

Once upon a time there was a girl called Ashputtel. You may know her as Cinderella. She’s called Ashputtel because she sleeps in the ashes by the fire.

Now, let us show you her story; of a stepmother, two wicked but beautiful stepsisters, a Prince, and a magical tree…

We invite you to meet her family, share her adventures and discover how she finally gets what her goodness deserves!

We have taken the 200 year-old Grimmʼs Folk tale, and carefully re-shaped it. With music and song, drama and comedy, adventure and shoes, we present this classic folk tale as a brand new musical for all ages. You might be surprised at the differences in the story you think you know!

Dates: 25th October to 17th November 2012
Duration: 55 minutes with no interval
Venue: Alliance Française Theatre
Creatives: Written by Dwayne Lau, Directed by Christina Sergeant and Music by Julian Wong
Audience: Recommended for everyone aged 3 to 103

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