A curated art exhibition entitled The Wormhole
from art and design studio아이오이

Following the success of hosting HYPERDIMENSION – an art exhibition of local creative minds from another dimension in March 2016, Liang Court is pleased to commission art and design studio 아이오이 (aheeoee) again to present THE WORMHOLE. A sequel from the “Tales of Pao” narrative, featuring a machiya (traditional Japanese architecture) that came through a wormhole and landed in the center of the shopping mall.

the wormhole

THE WORMHOLE is a brand new art encounter conceptualised by art and design studio 아이오이 (aheeoee) in partnership with Liang Court. Using a fictional narrative to establish the grounds for an art exhibition, accompanied by a custom designed and built structure that resembles a theatre set, the multimedia works of four exciting local artists – Joo Choon Lin, Ruyi Wong, Ong Kian Peng and Geraldine Kang, will come to live as they reinterpret the symbolism of a machiya that had travelled from another spacetime via a wormhole that connects our Universe with another.

“아이오이 understands the distinct identity of Liang Court and is using it for their inspiration in conceptualizing an interactive art exhibition that seeks to reflect the surrounding environment as well. Being able to provide local artists with a platform also resonated with us and we’re honoured to have this art exhibition displayed in our premises and to provide a unique and different experience to our shoppers.” comments Stephanie Ho, Executive Director, from Liang Court.

To inject an atmosphere of surprise and anticipation for shoppers and artists alike, the architecture of the machiya will be built progressively: from a single living room and private room at the opening week, to additional private rooms that come through the wormhole one at a time over the next three weeks. This visible transformation of the architecture is employed as an interactive gesture to invite shoppers to take interest and join in this process of evolution. It also pays tributes to the eccentric and imaginative sci-fi nature of the exhibition narrative. While weekend performances by the artists will also give shoppers the opportunity to come up close with life inside the machiya and allows the shoppers to imagine another time and space where this machiya once belonged.

“We are delighted once again, to have this opportunity to work closely alongside Liang Court, to present, perhaps the start of, a new vision for art encounters and experience in unexpected places”, shares Dorcas, the Artistic Director of 아이오이.

THE WORMHOLE will be on view from 6 June to 17 July 2016 at Level 2 event space, Liang Court, 177 River Valley Road, Singapore 179030. Admission is free, opening hours are from 10am – 10pm daily.

PROGRAMME LINEUP (*subject to changes)

Saturday, Sunday
11, 12 June 2016
1230 – 130pm
Pao’s appearance

Saturday, Sunday
18, 25, 26 June | 3, 10, 16 & 17 July
1230 – 5pm
Artists’ performances

For more information and schedule of workshops and performances, visit THE WORMHOLE Facebook event page (www.bit.ly/thewormholeshow), or Liang Court Facebook page; or at Instagram @talesofpao

The Wormhole Workshops Liang Court

It’s time for some art & crafts, games and action-packed fun this June Holidays at Liang Court from June 11 to 26!

There is something for everyone with over 10 exciting activities at The Wormhole Workshops for kids to bust out their creativity this June.

  • For budding designers, the Mini Batik Workshop by Fabrika Art is sure to delight as kids learn to paint using the Javanese traditional method of creating designs and patterns.
  • Kids can also whip out their flair for art by taking part in the glass art painting and PomPom creature workshops as well.
  • If you’re looking for something more action-packed, the Basic Drone Pilot Course by 12 Geeks should do just the trick. Kids get to learn how to operate a Quadcopter and practice flying it indoors for an added adrenaline rush.
  • Play Now Studios will also be teaching kids how to design their own games with their workshop: If you can play games, you can make games too!

Registration for The Wormhole Workshops is on a first come, first served basis at www.liangcourt.com.sg/whats-on/the-wormhole-workshops-june/

Get $3 off per workshop when you purchase your tickets at Liang Court Level 2 Customer Service Counter.