Dear Daddies,

We at The New Age Parents wish you a Happy Father’s Day. See what your children, grandchildren, spouse and family want to say to you:

appreciating fathers


Dear hubby,

Thank you for being an involved dad to our kids. They sure will thank you for every single moment that you’ve spent with them.

Love you, Imel


Message for Daddy Yim Koh,

Thank you for still loving me despite of my flabby body, dark eye rings, and messy hair, and thank you for all your graciousness and love showered onto Kurtis and me.

Though this is the first year you are promoted to be a daddy, I must say you did a good job! Loving you always…

Luv from Wify Janice Teo


Dear Hubby (Darren),

Just want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I love you. Seeing how much you love Jayden makes me feel that the pain I had gone through childbirth is all worthwhile. You are a great father to our boy. I can see how much he adores you too. May we stay happy as a family and grow stronger together……

Love Wifey (Mandy)


“Thanks for being such an endearing father and hubby to both our 18mths son and me. Really appreciate you for being such a hands-on daddy, helping me out when I needed the time out to myself. I know it’s difficult for you to juggle between your work commitments, studies and family. Yet you seemed to be able to blend them all in seamlessly. I know you would be a good father to our son and of course, our daughter due in June. I know you have tried your best and still do. Love you and happy father’s day!”




To my hubby

Thanks for offering to wake up every 2 hours at night to feed our little princess. Appreciate your thoughtfulness in allowing me to rest after work while you look after her. I am sure our little princess will grow up to appreciate as much as me on how great you have been.



Happy father’s day, Daddy! I want to let you know that you have been the best husband I could have and the greatest dad Hershey can have! May our God bless you more and more. We love you so much.

See you later!



Dear, thank you for being there for me throughout my pregnancy, delivery & taking care of our boy. You have been the pillar of hope, help & comfort during my post-natal depression period. We shall embark on this long journey of parenthood together. Love you always!

Jasmine Ho


Dear jon,

I am glad and a blessing to have a husband like you. You have helped in many ways in making this family perfect.

Mummy Eileen and Nicole Baby


Dear papa of Ashton and Ashlyn, I would like to thank you for being such a wonderful father to the kids. I must say that you are playing an equivalent good job at handling the kids and sometimes even more patient with the children than I do. It is with your great support that I am able to grow The New Age Parents and nurture the children at the same time. My most heartfelt thanks!


Like to take this opportunity to say Special Thanks to Daddy Kit.

He has been a great support to me during my difficult pregnancy and taking care of our little Chloe after she was born. I feel so comfortable leaving Chloe with him alone when i got work commitments. He is such a Modern Daddy. Luv you hubby…

Mummy Kit

To my hubby, Joe Lim.

“You have been a great father to our lovely children since their birth. Always by their side whenever they need you. And of course a great husband, supporting me along the way! I would like to say it aloud “WE LOVE YOU!!”

Jess Loh


Dearest Sweetheart!

This is the 2nd time that you’re celebrating Father’s Day as a daddy yourself. I really appreciate for all the care, love & faithfulness that you have given to me and Bb Rayden no matter how tired you are from your overseas flight. thanks for being such a wonderful daddy and hubby!

Kelyn Chong


My dear hubby (Simon Ong Kah Choon)

I love you. You are such a supportive husband, the best gift from God. With your love and care, both me and our son Givan (6 months old) are enjoying each new day accompanied by you.

Your wife
Amei Zou

To my beloved hubby – Alvin Toh:

You are such a good daddy! Me and our daughter, Jun Ling want to say “We LOVE you and thank you very much!”

We hope you HAPPY and HEALTHY everyday and continue to love us more and more! :)

Moon Loh


Thanks for nurturing our girls with “your style” so they get the best of both worlds and with Lots of Love from us for being our pillar of support always…!!

Rebecca, Ashely, Celeste


Dear Hubby (Hock Shien),

With your caring & patience, you have been a wonderful father & best friend to ours dearest Son-Brandon. Brandon will be grateful & proud just to call you Dad!!!

We do not praise Dad as often but we love you from ours heart.

Anna Mummy


Daddy & Mummy you are both SUPER!

I only know how much I love you both when I am in trouble
I only know how much I love you both when we are on the verge of separation
Now I truly know how fortunate I am to be able to greet you every other days
The indescribable warmth which you emit give me the courage to hold onto faith
On this special occasion, I just want to say Thank you daddy & mummy, you mean a lot to me :)



Dear Wylson,

Blessed 1st Father’s Day!!
Wanted to tell you how grateful I am for who you have been for Josh & I…

From the point u held my hands and pushed with me in the delivery ward.. to adjusting pillows for me when trying to breastfeed.. to waking up and making milk.. changing diapers and cleaning poo.. to playing n having fun with Josh…

Thanks a zillion & I know you will continue to be a great dad!

Love, Me.. (Fion)


Dear Daddy Bryan,

Thanks for being a lovely daddy…for always being there for us. No words can describe how much you mean to us. We love you so much Daddy…

Happy Father’s Day! Muaks Muaks!!

With lotsa love from Amanda & Mommy


Dearest Gideon,

I can’t thank you enough for being such a great dad to Yosher and a great husband to myself. I’m so grateful to God for blessing me with a loving, supportive, selfless and understanding husband. Since Yosher was born 1 year ago, you never fail to help take care of Yosher to your best ability. I Really appreciate you washing the bottles, bathing Yosher, cooking for both of us, doing the housework etc. Thank you so much! We LOVE You always…

Janice Sanchez

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