Dear Parents,

During this pandemic, youths are more likely to turn to online games to pass the time. Unfortunately, there is a scam targeting online gamers, touting cheap in-game credits through fraudulent advertisements. These advertisements would direct victims to add scammers on WeChat/QQ/LINE. Scammers would then instruct victims to make payments to them via AliPay, iTunes, and MyCard. The in-game credits are never delivered to the victims.

scam alert by spf

Here’s how you can protect your child from such a scam.

▪ Enable parental controls on their devices to limit their in-app permissions such as payment options.

▪ If you share devices with your child, set up biometric or pin authentication for in-app payment via Google Play or Apple App Store so you may review every purchase before they make it.

▪ Purchase in-game credits directly from the app or its authorised vendors (e.g. RazerGold)

▪ Advise your child that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

For more information, visit here.

This message was brought to you by Woodlands West Neighbourhood Police Centre and The New Age Parents.

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