Angel Confinement TNAP Editors Awards 2022

Many agree that the confinement period for a new mother who has just given birth is a crucial period for post natal care. Mothers need rest to regain their strength and nutritious food to build back the nutrients lost.

Angel Confinement Meals Affordable Confinement Meals

Combining the best culinary expertise and nutrition experience

Angel Confinement Meals combines the culinary expertise of chefs with decades of experience along with the knowledge from established nutritionists to carefully curate meals that are hearty, nutritious and pleasing to the palate. Group Executive Chef Chen Wai Keung is an award-winning culinary heavyweight who has worked for a Cantonese Masterchef in Hong Kong as well as many other world-renowned restaurants globally. Executive Chef Kam Chee Lai is a celebrated culinary instructor with over three decades of experience. His expertise lies in cooking with TCM herbs and he creates nutritious dishes while infusing new flavours. Angel Confinement Meal’s in-house nutritionist, Fiona Chia, is one of Singapore’s most established nutritionists. She is recognised by the Health Promotion Board as an Accredited Workplace Health Consultant with over a decade of experience in food and nutrition.

Only the best ingredients for mothers

Angel Confinement Meals Healthy Confinement Meals

Angel Confinement Meals is very careful in the selection of ingredients that they use to make sure meals are healthy and nutritious. Their food contains no MSG and is 100% prepared using the natural flavours from the ingredients. They use organic fresh vegetables that contain less pesticides and are rich in vitamins, iron and protein. Healthier oils such as canola, olive oil and sesame are used in cooking. Brown rice is used in place of white rice as it has a low glycemic index and would not spike blood sugar levels. They also make sure to incorporate various milk-boosting lactogenic ingredients in the menu. Only premium Grade A TCM-approved herbs will be infused with the dishes to ensure meals are well-balanced and aid the recovery process for mothers much quicker.

Value-for-money Packages

Angel Confinement Meals

Many mothers chose to focus on their newborn and getting sufficient rest during the confinement period and would opt to have their meals catered for. Angel Confinement Meals has several package options to suit the needs of mothers, ensuring they are able to have thoughtfully designed and freshly prepared confinement meals. One can order a whole month of confinement food (a single serving a day) under the Essential Confinement Meals package for a very competitively priced $898. Ordering two servings a day would be $1,688 and this price even includes an additional 7 days of complimentary Rejuvenate Beauty Collagen meals.

The Essential Confinement Meals package includes some signature dishes:

  • Pig’s trotter in vinegar and ginger: High in protein and calcium content, has natural collagen and is said to help improve lactation.
  • Shen pork rib soup: Huang Qi has anti-flammatory properties while Dang Shen nourishes the blood and strengthens the immune system.
  • Steamed fish with wolfberry and ginger: Fish has been known to help increase a mother’s milk production while ginger helps to keep the mother’s body “warm” and aids digestion.

I was able to test-taste the dishes mentioned above and can attest to the generous portions, premium ingredients as well as great taste of the dishes!

Angel Confinement Meals also has a Rejuvenate Beauty Collagen package which has a series of 7 beauty teas that mothers will get to drink for each day of the week. There is also a vegetarian option as well as one for post-surgery recovery.

For mothers looking to nourish their bodies during their confinement period, do check out Angel Confinement Meals value-for-money packages and sample menu.

This post is brought to you by Angel Confinement Meals.

By Jasmine Chua.

Angel Confinement TNAP Editors Awards 2022

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