Interview with Gennie Lee (Amore-Bakery)

Amore-Bakery logo1. How did you get started with Amore-Bakery?

I love blogging and taking pictures of food. After I fall in love with baking, I decided to have a page where I can store my bake pictures there. Amore, also mean Love, was named by my hubby – Baking with love.

2. What is your personal favorite choice of cake?
a. To Eat?
b. To Bake?

a. Blueberry yogurt cake
b. Cupcakes!

3. How long have you been baking?

Since Feb 2008.

4. What is your best selling cake?

My best selling product would be my brownie.

5. How can our readers reached you?

They can reached me at

6. Lastly, do you have any special pastries that you are making and would like to introduce to our readers?

Not at this moment.