Motherhood Stories

My baby just turned 3 yrs old this year. She is really so sweet and innocent. Ironically, she can make me angry, as well as make me laugh with all my heart. When I am really exhausted after work, I will give her a call to chat over the phone and when I hear her sweet voice, I will feel oh so refreshed all over again.

touching motherhood story

Due to the fact that I am working, I can only manage to bring her back home once a week and whenever we were on the bus, you can hear her chattering non-stop and this brings a smile to my face.

I remember there was once when she let her Daddy beat her when she misbehaved, and she cried so loudly till I felt the pain in my heart and I teared as well. She then just came over to hug me and the both of us cried together. What a memorable moment. She then used a piece of tissue to wipe away her tears, as well as gently help me wipe away mine.


I was so touched deep down in my heart. I felt that my tears were sweet. She said to me: “Mommy, you don’t cry. Baby will behave from now. Baby will be strong and protect Mommy. It’s my fault that Daddy scolded me, he was not wrong.”

You can’t imagine a mere 3 year old child saying such words to you. The maturity in her astounded me as I thought she sounded like an adult with her own thoughts.

Children are so innocent, aren’t they? Do you have interesting motherhood stories to share? Write to us at and get your story posted on The New Age Parents.