WowARTJunior Art Community Engaged in Modern Conversation for Contemporary Art

MM Lee emerged as a surprise entry in an illustrious list of Singapore Icons by WowART kids

To engage their junior art community in conversation on contemporary icons in the build‐up to the conventional Children’s Day celebrations, WowART Studio planned a special themed lesson for the kids to be guided by their parents to illustrate an icon that represents our little island nation.

Instead of the usual suspects that one will expect to make the list, WowART was on a greater mission to engage the children to consider contemporary icons by introducing modern history into the curriculum – aided with participation from their parents via conversations at home. Tasked by instructors to create their clay piece based on what they think best represented Singapore, the kids wasted no time starting on their tokens for Singapore’s love.

These pillars of our nation acquainted themselves with notable figures who have played pivotal roles in epitomising Singapore and the resulting art pieces showcased a new trend in manifestation of enthusiasm for iconic heroes making the list amongst old school favourites – with MM Lee having made the list twice.

WowART has proudly hung up all their renditions of popular Singapore icons on the walls of the studio as a montage, forming the exclusive Singapore Mural – to commemorate the junior art community’s tribute to contemporary icons and as a birthday gift to MM Lee who turns 87 on Thursday, 16 September.

A kid's illustration of MM LeeThe Singapore Mural with a splash of vibrant colours

The kids brought home a sense of love for their country on this day that belongs to them by sharing it through their artistic expressions.

I find these weekly special themed lessons very useful as the children are able to learn more than just art, but even general knowledge about their country” commented Nancy Goh, one of the kid’s parents, after seeing her son’s artwork of Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew.

When asked why this concept was chosen for a special themed lesson, WowART Principal, Nancy Pey said with a smile, “This is our best way to educate the younger generation about Singapore icons, through art.”