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Where To Get Children’s Birthday Cakes In Singapore

Have you been searching high and low for the perfect birthday cake for your precious little one’s special day? There are so many bakery shops around but none of them carry the cartoon cake that you are looking for? Look no further! We have compiled a list on where you can get birthday cake of your child’s favourite cartoon character! Hurray! No more disappointment, only pure excitement and the envy of these little eyes.

Here is a list of online and physical bakery shops in Singapore where you can get the perfect birthday cakes such as Mickey Mouse, Winnie The Pooh and more!

Batman & Superman
Check out Bengawan Solo
Tel: [65] 6756 9088






Ben 10
Check out Cakes2Share
Tel: 81012082 (Doreen)
Email: cakes2share@gmail.com








Bob the Builder
Check out Polar Cake


Check out Swensen
Tel: [65] 6786 2866


Disney Cartoon Movie
Check out Swensen
Tel: [65] 6786 2866
Email: swensens@abr.com.sg


Disney Princess
Check out Swensen
Tel: [65] 6786 2866
Email: swensens@abr.com.sg

Check out Bengawan Solo
Tel: [65] 6756 9088


Check out Prima Deli
Tel: [65] 6276 3333

Check out Izah’s Kitchen
Tel: 92973070
Email: izahskitchen@gmail.com

Mickey & Friends
Check out Swensen
Tel: [65] 6786 2866
Email: swensens@abr.com.sg

Check out Bengawan Solo and Baby Mickey & Friends
Tel: [65] 6756 9088


Power Rangers
Check out Polar Cake


Sesame Street
Check out Aunty Yochana
Email: yochana2001@hotmail.com


Check out Glad Cake
Email: gladcake@yahoo.com.sg


Thomas the Train

Check out Polar Cake or Glad Cake


Tom & Jerry
Check out Polar Cake


Winnie the Pooh
Check out Swensen
Tel: [65] 6786 2866
Email: swensens@abr.com.sg

Check out Bengawan Solo
Tel: [65] 6756 9088

Check out Smiling Orchid
Tel: [65] 6468 4237
Email: bakery@smilingorchid.com

Do you know of other bakery shops that sells children’s birthday cakes in Singapore? We will like to hear from you! Feel free to write in to us or leave your comments!

16 Responses to “Where To Get Children’s Birthday Cakes In Singapore”

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  1. For customised cakes & cupcakes.

  2. http://auntyyochana.blogspot.com/

    This one looks interesting too…!

  3. Hi,
    I just ordered customised cakes here for a family function. Really yummy not at all sweet and she’s quite easy to work with. She teaches so i appreciate the work on cuppies and cake. Being a mum she understood my requests such no nuts and etc for the kids.

  4. Just ordered customised cakes and cuppies here. She is a mum and teaches cake deco etc, so i apprecaited her understanding in not having too sweet cakes and good customisation. She also advised me on how to store the cakes ect, so it really helped wiped off a couple of meltdown moments with my precious events where the seller did not tell me how to maintain thecakes until time to eat. Should try her!

  5. Hi everyone,

    You might want to check http://www.birthdaycakes.sg. We customise, design and make 2D and 3D birthday cakes for children and parents.

    Check out our collection.

    Creating Magical Birthday Moments

  6. They make children novelty cake with reasonable price n superb quality

  7. too bad glad cake is no longer operation, the thomas cake is fabulous…

  8. http://www.facebook.com/ALittleCakeShoppeSG

  9. do you have any disney frozen character cakes ?

  10. Does anyone know which shop sells Barbie character cakes?

  11. Angie Cheng on May 5, 2015 @ 11:33 am

    Hey girls, you can try Cakequembouche – http://www.cakequembouche.com. Good reveiws in FB and Instagram.. Ordered cakes from them for my daughter’s 1, 2 and 3 year old birthday. Giving them a shoutout as its really quite good. :)

  12. Any spiderman cakes?

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