Dates: 3-11 Sep 2016
Timings: 10am – 6pm
Location: Tinkering Studio, Science Centre

Tinker Fest

Tinker Fest, organized by Imagin8ors and Science Centre connects children, parents, educators and makers in a week-long celebration of the Joy of learning through play, exploration and experimentation. The theme of the festival “Nurturing 21 Century Learners!” seeks to highlight the foundational capabilities that we need to build in children from an early age, to equip them to succeed in a fast changing, technology driven world.

Parents and pre/primary school children (ages 3 upwards) can join us for a wide range of all-day activities (walk-ins) and morning workshops (pre-register) at the Tinkering Studio. The activities and workshops are carefully designed to facilitate critical thinking, imagination & creativity, connect multiple disciplines like art and science, use technology purposefully, and build character traits.

Parents can also join our dialogue with expert educators, makers, and other parents to share and learn more about nurturing 21st century learners!

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Check out our All-Day Activities below:

1. Land It Safely

Have you played with The Wind Table at the Tinkering Studio? Extend your experience of discovering flying designs!

Land It Safely tinker fest

Create a paper helicopter and discover how to land it safely with passengers on board. Define the safest configuration for a certain number of passengers by playing with different sizes, shapes and weights.

Teach your children the concepts of gravity, speed, time, and friction through this fun activity. Expose them to “Data Analysis” computational thinking concept.

2. Domino Effect

How to create the most creative domino effect? By making your own dominos! Put them in sequence and make them all fall!

3. Draw a Shadow

Pick or build some small objects, project a light on each of them and see the shadow… Draw it! What does it represent now? A face? An animal? A mountain?

Your children get to learn shadow formation, shapes, and “Abstraction” computational thinking concept.

Draw a Shadow TinkerFest

4. BrushBot Race

Two BrushBots challenge each other to a race. Who will win?

You might have created Scribble Bot at the Tinkering Studio, why not create another Bot with toothbrush? Learn about robotics, electronics, and “Reuse” computational thinking concept.

5. ElectriCity

Design and build your own buildings and structures with cardboard, recycled materials, craft materials, and LEDs! Collaborate with other children to create a magical city of your own.

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