shoot and post contest 2012

thedotedline New Arrivals (2012)
“Shoot and Post Contest”
Most Resemblance Parent and Child

thedotedline“, has just pass our 2nd year and do hope there will be many other 2 years to come along the way. We still believe by handpicking our clothings directly from KOREA, Seoul, we can actually feel and see the designs and materials they use there.

Most of the apparels (90%) are unique as there’s only 1 pc for each size (3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17) per design. Authentic and real with all labelled “made in Korea”.

Thanks to all my friends and regular members for the liking and support for the past 2 years to keep thedotedline growing.

thedotedline “Shoot & Post” contest is back. There’s a slight change to the contest. It will be a “Most Resemblance Parent and Child Contest“.

From now till 30th Oct 2012, with any purchase (of any apparels) from the dotedline, take a photo (with you and your child wearing her purchase apparel) and post it on my page. A winner will be chosen (by Pro Designer) at the end of the contest. Winner will stand to win a $50 NTUC Voucher.

Please state the child’s name, age, mummy’s name and email address.

Take a pic and post up soon before our contest ends on the 30th Oct 2012.

Results will be out on the 3rd November 2012. Check out our page on Facebook – or for our newly hand picked kids apparels and accessories.