Snow City Presents
Winterrific Summer Escapade
30 May – 28 June 2015

Escape the summer heat and have fun with Oki, our newest mascot, this school holiday!

Dress the Snowman
Hey kids! Use your creativity in designing your own snowman, and get artistic with every shade of the rainbow on the free colouring sheet!

Snow Blizzard
Enjoy the 15-minute impression programmes, depicting snowstorms and winter winds.

Cool Science Show with Oki, the Inuit Boy
Watch Oki in an exciting demonstration that showcases the power of liquid nitrogen. Be awed as it freezes and affects objects, while it smokes, expands and evaporates!

Meet and Greet Session with Oki

Join Oki in a unique showdown, followed by a photo-taking session.

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Winterrific Summer Escapade at the Snow City