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In this section of The New Age Parents, we will be featuring things, activities, events, places to visit in Singapore, government policies, even romantic restaurants in singapore. You are also welcome to contribute to us to make this a more informative and beneficial portal for our readers.

Where To Buy Adult and Children’s Cheongsam In Singapore

Classic, modern, cute or quirky? Check out these online shops for a wide range of Cheongsam designs for mothers and daughters.

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8 Activities To Check Out At Chinatown This Chinese New Year

Come down and be part of the exciting celebrations in Chinatown this Chinese New Year. Here are eight things you can’t miss!

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Top 10 Chinese Herbs For Hair Problems

Chinese herbs have been widely known to heal, restore and harmonize the energy in our body. Do you know that they are also effective in treating hair problems too?

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Settling The Heart, Defining Your Child

An award winning school that focuses on developing the social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional aspects of your child, learn more about what Red SchoolHouse has to offer.

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Places To See Snow In Singapore This Christmas

Let it snow! Want to experience snow in tropic Singapore? Here are 7 places to check out. Some of these places have been showing artificial snow since 1996!

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Single Mum To Get 20% Pay Raise by Progressive Wage Model (Part 2)

For security officers like Alice, her 20% pay increase of $200 is just the beginning. A single mother, she can finally look forward to getting more pay and a better career via NTUC’s Progressive Wage Model.

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Single Mum To Get 20% Pay Raise by Progressive Wage Model (Part 1)

Madam Alice Teo had a divorce from her husband in 2000. Being the sole breadwinner, she had to work 3 jobs to support her family.

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7 Things Parents Need To Know About The SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift

Are you going to have a baby next year? The SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift is for Singaporean babies born in 2015. Here are 7 things you need to know about this special gift set.

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Interview With Dorothy Heng, Grandmother, Housewife And Member Of Ageless Theatre

“…majority of Singaporeans over the age of 50 feel five years younger than their actual age. For me, I’m 62 now, but I feel 35!” What’s this grandmother’s secret to feeling young?

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8 Struggles That Only Working Mums Will Understand

We know it’s not easy being a working mother, with many struggles, tears and hardships to manage. How many of these struggles do you resonate with?

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