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In this section of The New Age Parents, we will be featuring things, activities, events, places to visit in Singapore, government policies, even romantic restaurants in singapore. You are also welcome to contribute to us to make this a more informative and beneficial portal for our readers.

How To Manage Your Child’s Tangled Hair?

Does your child’s hair tangled up after a wash? Does she scream when you brush through her hair? Learn how to manage your child’s tangled hair with these tips!

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Fine Dining At Grand Mandarina

Looking for a Chinese restaurant with an elegant feel and great food? Don’t look any further! Grand Mandarina Restaurant, a new dining option in town offers delicacies fit for a king!

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Singapore Budget 2015: How Will It Affect Parents

How will this year’s budget affect young parents and their families? We summarize the changes and how it will affect your children, your cost of living and your parents.

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Parenting Talk: Supporting Early Literacy From Home!

How do you develop your child’s interest and love for literacy to help them become fluent readers? Join us in our Literacy workshop to learn the secrets behind raising a child who reads.

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British Council First Learner Centre For Preschoolers

Worldwide hit animated character Timmy of Timmy Time made an appearance at the British Council first learner’s centre, which is specially dedicated to preschoolers.

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Videos That Sum Up What Chinese New Year Is All About

What does Chinese New Year mean to you or remind you of? We pick out videos that sums up the essence of what it means to celebrate Chinese New Year.

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POSB Brings Back National Savings Campaign For Kids

Need help in teaching and encouraging your child to save? The National School Savings Campaign has been relaunched this year, to encourage primary school kids to cultivate the habit of saving.

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What’s It Like To Be A Male Preschool Teacher In Singapore?

What is it like to a male in a female dominated industry? Do they face prejudices from parents and their collegeaues? We spoke to a male preschool teacher to find out more.

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Where To Buy Adult and Children’s Cheongsam In Singapore

Classic, modern, cute or quirky? Check out these online shops for a wide range of Cheongsam designs for mothers and daughters.

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8 Activities To Check Out At Chinatown This Chinese New Year

Come down and be part of the exciting celebrations in Chinatown this Chinese New Year. Here are eight things you can’t miss!

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