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In this section of The New Age Parents, we will be featuring things, activities, events, places to visit in Singapore, government policies, even romantic restaurants in singapore. You are also welcome to contribute to us to make this a more informative and beneficial portal for our readers.

10 Quotes By Lee Kuan Yew On Work, Family And Women

Known for his powerful speech and not one to mince his words. We compiled a list of quotes by Lee Kuan Yew that not many people know about.

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Top 8 Unforgettable Words Of Lee Kuan Yew

We round up eight quotes by Mr Lee Kuan Yew, our founding father and the first Prime Minister of Singapore.

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Tax Relief For Parents

Time to file your tax! But before you do that, do you know of these reliefs? Here are some helpful reliefs that parents can claim.

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Longkang Fishing In Singapore

There are quite a few places in modern Singapore where you can still bring your children to experience longkang fishing or kampong fishing.

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9 Reasons Why You Should Visit This Indoor Playground

Located in the heart of Downtown East and AMK Hub, this multi-faceted tactile indoor playground is worth exploring. We give you nine reasons why.

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Why We Are Signing Up For Sentosa KidZ Flea

Want your child to experience the adventure of being a “boss” where they can learn and develop life skills not taught in school such as financial management and empathy?

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Homeschool Series Part 2: Homeschooling Mothers In Singapore

We spoke to four mothers who have chosen to homeschool their children, to find out what led to their decision, what homeschooling really looks like, and the resources available out there.

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How To Manage Your Child’s Tangled Hair?

Does your child’s hair tangled up after a wash? Does she scream when you brush through her hair? Learn how to manage your child’s tangled hair with these tips!

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Fine Dining At Grand Mandarina

Looking for a Chinese restaurant with an elegant feel and great food? Don’t look any further! Grand Mandarina Restaurant, a new dining option in town offers delicacies fit for a king!

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Singapore Budget 2015: How Will It Affect Parents

How will this year’s budget affect young parents and their families? We summarize the changes and how it will affect your children, your cost of living and your parents.

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