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This section contains the reviews and interviews.

Help Your Child Transform Into A Professional This School Holiday

This November holiday, The Keys Academy is transforming kids into professionals. Our innovative and interdisciplinary camps go beyond the classroom and into the real world.

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Right Brain Training For Your Baby and Toddler

Why should we expose our little ones to harness the right brain more? We reveal the secrets of right brain training at Heguru Education.

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A Baby Cot That Can Be Used For Life

Most baby cots only last for a few years as our babies eventually outgrow them. But here’s one cot that will see your baby through his growing years.

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Is My Child Getting a Balanced Diet?

Being picky about food and having poor eating habits may mean that the child is not consuming a healthy, balanced diet. How do you know if your child is having a balanced diet?

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5 Lessons From Parenting From The Heart Seminar 2015

On 3 October, Dumex organised its fifth run of “Parenting from The Heart Seminar”. Attended by over 650 guests, here are key takeaways from the seminar.

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LEXUAN Preschool Review

LEXUAN Preschool teaches Mandarin using animated and interactive lessons via videos and a touch screen projector.

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Literacy At Its Best: Review Of The Little Skool-House International

What makes The Little Skool-House International Literacy so unique? We sat in at one of the classes at The Little Skool-House International to find out more.

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What No One Tells You About The Chicken That You Are Consuming

Chicken is one of the most nutritious meat that we consume on a daily basis, but are the ones you are eating, safe and clean?

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11 Reasons Singapore Is More Family-Friendly Than Ever Before

Contrary to the belief that Singapore is all about GDPs and economic growth; there has been efforts to make Singapore a more family-friendly working place for parents.

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Heart Lessons From Children Who Are Special

Working with children with special needs is no easy feat. Rachelle Chan, an Occupational Therapist at THK Therapy Services (The Children’s Therapy Centre) reflects on her journey working with children who are special.

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