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Potty Training For Kids

Childrearing is highlighted by many milestones. One of such milestones is to be able to go to the toilet independently. Here are some tactics to flush those toileting blues away…

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Dealing With Stuttering In Children

Children might repeat a word many times or speak in a way which prolong word sounds or syllables. This kind of speech pattern is known as stuttering. Here are some ways which parents can help

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Keeping Children Occupied While Mummy Shops

Having children does not mean you should stop your shopping. Research has shown that children have different temperaments & short attention span. They get restless & cranky even before the third shop

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Facts And Myths Of Stuttering In Toddlers

During their preschool years, some children go through a stage of stuttering, also known as stammering. Stuttering in toddlers a disruption to the flow of speech, in the form of repeating sounds…

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Finding The Ideal Childcare Centre

Childcare-hunting can be difficult with so many centres to choose from. Take your time to tour around the different childcare centers. Here is a useful checklist for parents.

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What Parents Need To Know About Prolonged Cough

Prolonged or chronic cough is defined as a persistent cough of more than 3 weeks and 10% of preschoolers have chronic cough without wheeze at some time in their lives.

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How To Get Your Pre-Schooler Interested In Learning

How do I get my boy (turning 4) next yr to be interested in alphabets and numbers? His attention span is short so I need suggestion which are fast so he doesn’t get bored.

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10 Must-Read Tips To Reduce Your Baby’s Risk Of Choking

The risk of choking is considered to be the highest in young children because they explore objects with their mouths.

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Early Signs Of Child Motor Development Problems

Parents are the best people in position to detect any problems which the child is facing regarding his physical attributes. To help parents detect the early signs of child motor development disorders

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Making the Right Choices on Toys

Through exploring, manipulating, and sharing, children learn valuable skills as they play with their toys. Tap on these handy tips when purchasing toys for your child.

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