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How To Understand Your Toddler’s Tantrum Better

Toddlers can be in a whole league of their own cognitively, emotionally, socially. Here are seven facts that are good to know about how toddlers behave.

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My Baby Hates My Food! 6 Tips For Handling Picky Eaters

Is your tot always rejecting your food? Here are 6 tips to help you through.

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5 Best Methods To Fight Against Childhood Illness

How do you beat the illnesses when you child is sick? Dr Ellen Tay shares her advice on how parents can prevent children from catching illnesses.

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The Art Of Flashing Cards

Showing flash cards to children is not specifically for giving knowledge to children. Here are some tips on how parents can use flash cards for their children.

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How Much Fruits Can A Toddler Take?

How much fruits can an 18-month-old toddler take a day? My 5 year old has G6PD, how do I determine the seriousness? Dr Nancy Tan from SBCC Baby & Child Clinic shares her expertise.

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My Girls Has Fever Every Two Months

My 7-month-old girl is having fever on about bi-monthly basis. Is this normal? What can I do to boost her immunity? Dr Liew Woei Kang from SBCC shares his advice.

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Baby-led Weaning: Baby Can Eat!

Weaning a baby onto food is an exciting time in both child and parent. But depending on who you ask, you are likely to get various recommendations for how to introduce real food to your little one.

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Thumb Versus Pacifier: Which Is Better For Your Baby?

Sucking is a natural instinct and behavior for infants. They do it to be nourished and fed. According to experts, this behavior gives the following benefits and setbacks.

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Help! My Toddler Isn’t Listening!

“Did you hear me? Didn’t I just ask you to turn off the television and start cleaning your room? Are you listening?” Does this scenario sound all too familiar?

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HFMD, Go Away! (Prevention and Care)

The Ministry of Health reported that while it is natural for Singapore to have periodic outbreaks of HFMD, early vigilance and action can help keep children safe from the disease

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