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Reflecting On MH17: A Teacher’s Invalubable Lesson To His 9 Year Old Students

What happens when a new training teachers asks his class of Primary 3 students to reflect on the recent MH17 plane crash? You’ll be shocked at the student’s responses.

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Does My Child Need Braces?

Your child’s mouth seems to be overcrowded with his new teeth. When is a good time for your child to start wearing braces?

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Primary One Registration Exercise 2014

Is your child entering Primary One in 2015? The details for Primary One Registration Exercise 2014 is now out. Here’s what you need to know.

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Where Do Babies Come From? Useful Tips To Help You Talk To Your Child Part 2

When junior drops the big question on your bulging bellies, what do you say to him or her? What do we say? Here are 5 useful tips for parents.

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Where Do Babies Come From? Useful Tips To Help You Talk To Your Child Part 1

How do we start a conversation with our children about the topic? What do we even say? Here are 5 useful tips to say to our child when they ask us the big question.

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Meet The Musical Trio Kevin, Jon And Abby

Besides being related by blood, these three siblings also share another common interest – Music. Find out what instruments they play and how they got bitten by the music bug.

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6 Easy Tips On Managing Your Child’s Digital Use

Is your child glued to your iPhone, iPad, computer or TV? Here are six easy-to-follow screen tips to help you and your child.

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Academic Success At What Cost – Part I

The best education in life is one that does not limit to academics. Do you agree?

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Primary School Essentials Every Child Should Have

Junior’s growing up and heading to Primary School next year. Here are some items worth investing in to kick start his new school term.

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Swim Safe, Swim Smart: Water Safety In Swimming Pools And Beaches

Did you know a baby or toddler can drown in less than an inch of water? Here are some steps you can take to ensure your child’s safety in the water.

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