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5 Simple Relaxation Activities For Children

Is your child feeling anxious about school? Here are five stress-busters to try with your child.

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Raising A Wholesome Preschooler Part 6: Character Building & Moral Education

No education is complete without character building. Would you want an academically bright child, but uses his intelligence in immoral ways later in life?

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Stress-Me-Not! How To Create A Stress-Free Environment For Your Child

Children can go through periods when they feel stressed or overwhelmed by people, events, or situations. How can you create a less stressful environment for your child?

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Violent Toys And Their Effects On Children

What sort of toys and games do your children play with? Are they merely objects and tools that provide entertainment, or do children learn intangible messages from them?

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Teaching Our Children The Value Of…Setting Goals

Studies show that a student who can identify realistic goals and map out steps to reach them is more likely to score higher grades and experience lifelong well-being.

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What To Do When Kids Talk Back

Our kids can say the sweetest things, but they can also drive us up the wall with their smart aleck retorts. Here are a few tips for keeping calm and nipping this problem in the bud.

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Longkang Fishing In Singapore

There are quite a few places in modern Singapore where you can still bring your children to experience longkang fishing or kampong fishing.

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6 Ways To Keep Your Kids On Track in School

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of helping your child navigate school life? These tips may come in handy in helping you to keep your kids on track.

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Developing Self-Regulation in Kids

Not all stress is bad and it is important part of a child’s development of self-regulation. What is self-regulation and how can parents help children develop self-regulations skills?

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What Kind Of Light To Use For Studying And Reading

How do you know if your child is studying under the right light? Lighting designer Janice Tan answers some common asked questions and shares some insightful tips.

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