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Older Kids

They grow up real fast don’t they? Kids, before you know it, they are now in Primary School. In this section, find out more about children’s development and learning from ages 7 and up.

Helping Children Cope With Competition In School

What are the ways parents can help their child cope with the pressure to succeed in a competitive atmosphere? Here are eight strategies.

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What Did You Eat For Recess Today? Healthier Meal Choices For Kids

What are some healthier meal choices you can encourage your child to eat at school recess time? Senior Dietician Suzanne Khor shares with us some of these choices.

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Dealing with Troubled Teens

Amos Yee is every parent’s nightmare. Accustomed to stories about Unruly Youth and Terrible Teens, most parents expect the pubescent years to be difficult.

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Clique Conflicts: Saying No To Peer Pressure

Cliques may not necessarily be all bad. But what do you do if your child is picking up some bad habits from his new group of friends?

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5 Ways To Increase The Sense Of Responsibility Among Kids

Want your child to be more responsible? Here are five simple ways you can ingrain the sense of responsibility from very early on.

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How To Help Your Child Develop The Right Mindset For Math

Math is a important skills that will follow us through out life. Learn how to help your child develop the right skills and mindset to excel in Math!

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How To Control Myopia In Children And Adults

Singapore has one of the highest prevalence rates globally. About half of school-going children is afflicted with childhood myopia. How can we help to control Myopia in our children?

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5 Important Science Skills To Nurture In Every Child

Want your child to ace Science in Primary School? Here are five science skills that should be nurtured in every child.

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Science Wise: Gearing Up For Primary School Science

What do you need to know about helping your child learn Science? TNAP asks Wei Yi Lim, Founder of Study Room to find out more.

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Top 5 Tips On How To Bathe Your Child With Sensitive Skin

Like any child, bathing and cleaning your child with sensitive skin is important too. However, do you know how many times can you shower your child in a day? Can you use soap?

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