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They grow up real fast don’t they? Kids, before you know it, they are now in Primary School. In this section, find out more about children’s development and learning from ages 7 and up.

Teeth Aligners: An Alternative To Braces

Over the years, developments in the orthodontic industry have allowed for alternatives to braces that are equally effective at straightening teeth – clear aligners.

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5 Creative Writing Tips For Kids In Singapore

Are you lost when it comes to helping your child to write creatively? Our expert shares some useful pointers on how to get started.

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6 Things You Can Teach Your Kids About The Singapore General Election

The hot topic in Singapore right now – the coming General Election. What can our children learn from it? Here are concepts from the GE that you can relate to your children.

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Conflict In The Classroom: Resolving Differences At School

Studies have determined that in this knowledge and information age, students have to deal with stress levels at school comparable with those of adults at work.

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Primary School Maths Essentials

The mathematics syllabus does not assume any formal learning. However, are some basic per-numeracy skills are necessary in providing a good starting point.

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Helping Children Cope With Competition In School

What are the ways parents can help their child cope with the pressure to succeed in a competitive atmosphere? Here are eight strategies.

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What Did You Eat For Recess Today? Healthier Meal Choices For Kids

What are some healthier meal choices you can encourage your child to eat at school recess time? Senior Dietician Suzanne Khor shares with us some of these choices.

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Dealing with Troubled Teens

Amos Yee is every parent’s nightmare. Accustomed to stories about Unruly Youth and Terrible Teens, most parents expect the pubescent years to be difficult.

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Clique Conflicts: Saying No To Peer Pressure

Cliques may not necessarily be all bad. But what do you do if your child is picking up some bad habits from his new group of friends?

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5 Ways To Increase The Sense Of Responsibility Among Kids

Want your child to be more responsible? Here are five simple ways you can ingrain the sense of responsibility from very early on.

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