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Activity Resources

This section is a collection of articles on Activity Resources.
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Creative Writing For Kids: 5 Useful Tips For Parents

Are you lost when it comes to helping your child to write creatively? Our expert shares some useful pointers on how to get started.

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The Hyper Parenting Syndrome: Do You Have It?

We prepare ourselves to be dutiful parents and are prepared to give our children the best. But at what point does responsible parenthood and parental effort cross into hyper-parenting?

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Why Won’t My Child Sit Still? Sensory Processing Disorder In Children

Have a preschooler that can’t sit still or pay attention? Here are some common signs of sensory processing difficulties that your child may be experiencing.

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6 Quick Tips To Design Your Child’s Playroom

Want to designate a space in your home as your children’s playroom where your kids can play? Here are six tips to help you design and make the most out of it!

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Teaching Our Children The Value Of… Failing

It’s hard to see our children fail. But when they discover how strong they can be once they finally break through their limits, that’s when success is sweetest.

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5 Golden Rules For Your Breastfeeding Diet

Do you need a special diet when you breastfeed? We list down some golden rules to help you ensure you and your baby get all the nutrients you need.

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6 Things You Can Teach Your Kids About The Singapore General Election

The hot topic in Singapore right now – the coming General Election. What can our children learn from it? Here are concepts from the GE that you can relate to your children.

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What Should I Do When My Child Has A Sunburn?

When talking about the development of sunburn, prevention is key. Lighter-skinned races are affected more often and more intensely.

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Conflict In The Classroom: Resolving Differences At School

Studies have determined that in this knowledge and information age, students have to deal with stress levels at school comparable with those of adults at work.

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Primary School Maths Essentials

The mathematics syllabus does not assume any formal learning. However, are some basic per-numeracy skills are necessary in providing a good starting point.

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