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Activity Resources

This section is a collection of articles on Activity Resources.
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8 Important Tips For Travelling With Kids

Travelling with young kids can be very stressful! With adequate preparation and planning, you’ll more than “survive” your holiday. Here are some tips to consider.

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The Challenge Of Getting Your Child To Eat A Balanced Meal

Do you find it challenging to get your child to take in more vegetables and fruits? Does he enjoy eating junk food compared to wholemeal products? You can help your child meet his daily nutrition now!

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Talking To Your Child About The Birds And The Bees

Talking to your kids about the birds and the bees may not be your pet topic. However, there are benefits to having ‘The Talk’ with your kids while they are still young.

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Befriending Our Children: Where Do We Cross The Line?

Is friendship between parent and child a good or bad thing? Won’t being chummy with your kid bring you all that much closer?

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Is Your Child A Leader Or A Bully? [Part II]

In Part I, we spoke on the five warning signs parents can learn to recognise if their child is a bully. Here are 7 important tips on how you can teach your child to be a leader, not a bully.

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8 Meaningful And Fun Activities For Mothers And Sons To Bond

Boys do tend to thrive a lot more in physical activity, sweat and grime. Here are some activities that you can enjoy doing together!

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Children Growing Up Today Versus Children Growing Up In The Past

What do you think is the biggest difference between children of today versus children of the past? We asked three preschool experts for their views on this.

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Big Lessons From Little People: Stories About Children

Children from diverse backgrounds, coming together as a community of learners to gain knowledge, skills and make friends – this is what preschool education is about.

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9 Childhood Games To Revisit This Children’s Day

Time to bring back those glorious days of spending more time out of doors, leaping to new heights, and using hands to catch and throw, instead of swiping and tapping on screens.

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Is Your Child A Leader Or A Bully? [Part I]

None of us wants our child to be a bully. Yet academic life is the most common setting for bullying. Here are five warning signs parents should learn to recognise.

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