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This section is a collection of articles on Activity Resources.
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Can Children Use Mouth Wash?

Many parents already know of the importance of good brushing and flossing habits. But how about mouth washes? Are they of any benefit to children? At what age can children use mouth wash?

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Entrepreneurial Exposure For Children: Sentosa KidZ Flea Experience (Part 2)

How do you teach your child to have the confidence to approach strangers, and to serve them with sincerity? How do you help them develop their soft skills to interact with people?

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Benefits Of Exposing Your Children To Nature

Mother Nature – an often neglected, free enrichment class available at all hours of the day. Learn more about the benefits of exposing your children to nature from a young age.

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What Is Global Developmental Delay?

Many have heard of special needs conditions such as Down Syndrome, Hyperactivity Disorder or Autism. But what is Global Development Delay (GDD)?

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Please Don’t Go! Dealing With Separation Anxiety

During the first few days at preschool, it is likely for children to experience anxiety. What are the possible triggers and signs? Why are some children less anxious than others?

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Teaching Our Children The Value Of…Standing Up for Themselves

Well-behaved. Polite. Willing to share. These are qualities that many parents would like their children to have. But no parents want their children to be pushovers too.

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Kitchen Safety: 5 Key Areas To Childproof

The kitchen is where some of the hottest action takes place, but do you know that it’s also the number one spot where child-related accidents take place?

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Why KindyROO: Interview With Ai Ling, Director, KindyROO Singapore (Part III)

“I only begin to realize the potential of this program when both my younger children (aged 2 and 4) received extremely positive feedback from their preschool teachers.”

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How To Optimize Your Child’s Brain Development

How do we optimize our child’s brain development? Selene Diong, Principal Instructor of Sparkanauts shares with us three ways.

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Top 12 Facts Your Dentist Wants You To Know

What are the top twelve facts you should know about your child’s dental health? Dr Lim Swee Teck, Author of “The Healthy Smile Series” tells us more.

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