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This section is a collection of articles on Activity Resources.
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Primary School Maths Essentials

The mathematics syllabus does not assume any formal learning. However, are some basic per-numeracy skills are necessary in providing a good starting point.

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Food For Thought: Is Your Child Eating Enough?

Is your child eating more but not putting on weight? Worried of your child’s nutrients intake? We asked a dietitian to address these concerns.

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Helping Your Child Excel In English: 5 Quick Tips

Once your preschool child has grasped the skills needed to read and write, how can you help them to grow in confidence to use English most effectively?

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Learning To Love Chinese: How To Get Our Kids To Love Mandarin

To inculcate the love for learning Chinese, parents first have to possess a positive attitude towards helping your child learn. Here’s a secret to help your child fall in love with Chinese.

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Helping Children Cope With Competition In School

What are the ways parents can help their child cope with the pressure to succeed in a competitive atmosphere? Here are eight strategies.

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Un-plug To Play: How To Raise Your Child Right In The Digital Age

With Singapore having one of the highest smartphone penetration rates in the world, how can we raise our children in this digital age?

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What Are The Top 5 Snacks Consumed By Kids In Singapore?

Singapore’s favourite childhood rainbow ice cream brand, Paddle Pop, delved into the hearts of Singapore families to uncover secrets behind children’s snacking behaviour.

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Screen Cleaning: Preventing Our Kids From Becoming Screen Addicts

Most of our children would have grown up all their lives exposed to smart gadgets and social media networks. How can we prevent our kids from becoming screen addicts?

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How To Make A Bento Lunch Box For Your Child

We recognize that many parents don’t have the time to whip up gourmet meals for their child’s school break, so here are five tips for packing a bento !

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Helping Your Child Kick A Bad Habit

Many ‘bad habits’ in children are common developmental behaviours. Some habits may take longer than others to give up and all requires patience and understanding on the part of the parents.

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