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Activity Resources

This section is a collection of articles on Activity Resources.
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How Can We Help Children Deal With Loss And Trauma?

Sometimes trauma and loss happens when we least expect it. How can parents and caregivers respond appropriately to a child going through trauma and loss?

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How Parents Can Support Children with Dyslexia

Is your child dyslexic? Your involvement is crucial when it comes to your child’s achievements and their attitude towards dyslexia remediation. Here’s how you can further support your child.

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How Do We Keep Our Children Safe From Sexual Abuse?

The most vulnerable age for children to be exposed to sexual abuse is between 3 and 8 years. What can we do to ensure our children are safe from sexual abuse?

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Can Sore Throat Be Treated With Traditional Home Remedies?

Many Singaporeans turn to home remedies based on perceptions and recipes passed down from one generation to another. Are such remedies effective in the healing process?

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What To Look Out For When Choosing A Childcare Centre?

What are the things to look out for when searching for the ideal childcare centre for your child? TNAP rounds up some important factors.

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The NLB Saga: The Blind Men And The Elephant

The NLB issue has been a heated topic with much aggression and fervor. What are the views from those for and against the ban? Let’s hear both sides of the story.

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What Do Parents Think Of NLB’s Withdrawal Of Three Children’s Titles

The National Library Board’s withdrawal of three children’s titles has sparked debate. Should such books be freely available to children at a public library?

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Can My Child Be Bilingual Even If I Am Not Bilingual?

There are ways you can increase your child’s exposure to Mandarin without actually speaking or reading it yourself. Fiona Walker from Julia Gabriel shares with us how.

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12 Simple Bonding Ideas To Make You A Better Father

To all the dads out there, how much time do you spend with your little ones? What do you do with your child during your pockets of free time?

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A Comprehensive Child Safety Guideline For Parents

What are some of the safety precaution for both indoors and outdoors? Here are some important safety guidelines for babies and children all parents need to know.

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