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This section is a collection of articles on Activity Resources.
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What To Do When Your Child Has Sore Eyes And Eye Pain

Is your child rubbing his eyes a lot more and complaining that it hurts? We asked our expert what are the causes, symptoms and treatment for sore eyes and eye trauma.

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What To Do If My Child Refuses To Eat?

Each child’s taste, food preference and personality is different. How can parents consider these factors and provide the right nutrition?

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Dinovember: When Plastic Dinosaurs Come To Life

Kids don’t stay young for long. Try this with your kids and share their reactions with us!

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5 Quick Bedtime Snacks For Your Child

Your child can’t sleep without a light bedtime snack? Our expert suggests some options to fill your child’s tummies before getting them ready for bed.

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Pulling Out Your Child’s Loose Baby Tooth

Did you know that ‘quick fixes’ to pull out your child’s loose baby tooth may cause more damage? Dr Lim Swee Teck from T32 Junior gets to the root of the issue.

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Raising A Healthy Eater: 6 Tips From The Expert

Children have innate preferences and dislikes towards different tastes. How do we raise them to be healthy eaters?

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Teaching Our Children The Value Of…Receiving Compliments and Gifts

Everyone likes to feel good about themselves, but many people do not know how to receive a compliment. Why is this so?

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Top 10 Healthy Foods For Your Growing Child

Want your child to grow up strong and healthy? We asked a health expert to weigh in on the healthiest foods your kids need to be eating now.

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Teeth Aligners: An Alternative To Braces

Over the years, developments in the orthodontic industry have allowed for alternatives to braces that are equally effective at straightening teeth – clear aligners.

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6 Powerful Impacts Of Music In Young Children

Exposure to music before the age of 7 has significant effect on parts of the brain related to planning and motor skills.

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