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Kinderland 2016

For The Parent

Nothing can truly prepare you for parenthood. But it helps to be equipped with useful tips and information from experts and other fellow parents. Navigate our articles in this section to get a clearer picture of your parenting journey ahead.

Common Couple Fights And Ways To Avoid Them

Did you know household chores are one of the top nine reasons that couples fight? Here are some solutions to help you through.

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How To Have Fun Play Dates At Home

Open-ended and full of possibilities, play is a universal language that connects people of all ages. IKEA shows us how you can have fun play dates at home.

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How Be Grateful: Activities To Inspire And Instil Gratitude in Kids

Want your kid to have a better chance at happiness in life? instil an attitude of gratitude. Here are six fun activities to instil gratitude in your child.

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Where To Buy Adult and Children’s Cheongsam In Singapore

Classic, modern, cute or quirky? Check out these online shops for a wide range of Cheongsam designs for mothers and daughters.

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Anger Issues In Children: How To Calm Your Angry Child

Does your child have anger issues? Keep getting caught in a temper tantrum situation? Here are ways to manage and calm an angry child.

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TNAP Value Series: Teaching Children The Value Of…Staying Young At Heart

Mummy and Daddy know best. But we certainly don’t know everything! Staying young at heart is important because it tells us to keep asking questions and learning new things.

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How To Lo Hei Yu Sheng

Tossing of Yu Sheng is usually on the 7th Day of the Lunar New Year, also know as Ren Ri. We list the step by step to Lo Hei and Lou Hei words to say.

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The Working Mother’s Tug-Of-War

Working mothers are constantly fighting between performing well at work and to be the best possible mother to their children. Four working mums share their experience in this tug-of-war.

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Let Kids Run: Preparing Your Child For Their First Race

Planning to join a family or kids run this year? Here are some guidelines and tips to prepare before the big race!

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LEGO Lunar New Year: Give the Gift of Play

While receiving red packets is always a treat, is there anything else that children really want?

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