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Nothing can truly prepare you for parenthood. But it helps to be equipped with useful tips and information from experts and other fellow parents. Navigate our articles in this section to get a clearer picture of your parenting journey ahead.

Does This Make Cents? Getting Your Kids Started On Money Management

How much allowance should you give to your kids? Spend, save or invest – which of these concepts should you start teaching your child first?

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10 Empowering Phrases All Children Need To Hear From Their Parents

Words have power. As a parent, your words have tremendous potential in shaping how your child views himself and the world.

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Clique Conflicts: Saying No To Peer Pressure

Cliques may not necessarily be all bad. But what do you do if your child is picking up some bad habits from his new group of friends?

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The 10 Best Things About Having All Girls

Apart from the likelihood that there’s a whole lot more pink and glitter around the house, here are 10 things we love about having just girls.

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50 Ideas To Do With Your Kids Around Singapore

With our nation’s 50th birthday just around the corner, we thought you might like to know 50 ways you can have fun with your kids, not just this month but all year round.

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What To Consider When Buying Your First Family Pet

The first time we may actually consider getting a pet is when our child asks for one. Here are questions to ask before you and your family take the plunge.

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5 Ways To Increase The Sense Of Responsibility Among Kids

Want your child to be more responsible? Here are five simple ways you can ingrain the sense of responsibility from very early on.

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An Alphabet Zoo By Julia Gabriel

Looking for a book to introduce Phonics to your toddler? Let Rainbow Bear take you and your child on a lively journey through in An Alphabet Zoo: Phonemic Adventure.

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50 Quick And Easy Tips For Parenting Young Kids

New to parenthood and haven’t got the time to read those lengthy parenting articles? No sweat! Here is our list of 50 quick and easy tips for new parents.

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Last Day Of School: This Video About A Singapore Family Will Make You Cry

“No matter what, no child should sacrifice their future.” Follow the story of Siew Fang, a girl with big dreams but with even bigger responsibilities towards her family.

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