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First-Time Mum Series: Letting Go of Mummy’s Guilt

It is immensely challenging to ditch that guilt and walk out of its shadows. We are but human and we lose control of our emotions at times.

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Signs of Low Self-Esteem in Children

“Mummy I can’t…I don’t know how to do it.” Why is it that some children approach and try new things with confidence while others feel that they are incapable?

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The 10 Best Things About Having All Boys

As a parent of two rambunctious, cheerful and very active boys, here are 10 things I love about being their mum.

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5 Foods To Avoid Giving Your Child Before Bedtime

Is your child having trouble sleeping? It may be due to what they eat before they sleep. Our expert shares five types of food to avoid giving children before their bedtime.

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Gastroenteritis vs Food Poisoning: What’s The Difference?

What’s the difference between Gastroenteritis and Food Poisoning? How do you manage these illnesses when it happens to your child?

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How Old Is Too Old?

How do you know if your child has outgrown a certain phase? When is the appropriate time to stop certain practices with them?

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Homeschool Series Part 5: Resources For Homeschool Parents

Looking for inspiration and ideas from local homeschool families? Here is a list of online and offline homeschool resources for parents.

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How Does He Do It? Father’s Day Interview With Tan Wee Keng

When Tan Wee Keng was schooling, he would spend his holidays at his father’s warehouse and office, packing goods, punching numbers and even deliver goods.

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How Does He Do It? Father’s Day Interview With Ernest Tan

In 1996 at age 36, Ernest had hardly any savings and was struggling to provide for his family. Now a grandfather, Ernest shares his advice to fathers out there.

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How Does He Do It? Father’s Day Interview With Kuah Eng Liang

Currently overseeing two Heguru Education centres – one at One KM and another at Sengkang, Kuah Eng Liang shares how he juggles work and fatherhood.

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