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Top 5 Abs Workout For Mums

Easy-peasy ab routines that you can do virtually anywhere! Here are five simple exercises that will get you back into shape. Go on, give it a try!

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Shaun The Sheep And Timmy Time Bring English To Singapore

The stars of the globally successful animated TV shows Shaun the Sheep and Timmy Time will soon be encouraging flocks of children in Singapore to learn English.

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Talking To Your Child About The Birds And The Bees

Talking to your kids about the birds and the bees may not be your pet topic. However, there are benefits to having ‘The Talk’ with your kids while they are still young.

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7 Useful Benefits of Nursery Rhymes

Do you know that Incy Wincy Spider can be a toddler’s and parent’s best friend? Studies have shown that children who learn nursery rhymes and songs can reap language, learning and social benefits!

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Touching Video Of Kind Young Man

The family in front is struggling to pay for their purchases. What will you do if you were behind them in the queue? What this man did is beyond words and expectations.

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Befriending Our Children: Where Do We Cross The Line?

Is friendship between parent and child a good or bad thing? Won’t being chummy with your kid bring you all that much closer?

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Is Your Child A Leader Or A Bully? [Part II]

In Part I, we spoke on the five warning signs parents can learn to recognise if their child is a bully. Here are 7 important tips on how you can teach your child to be a leader, not a bully.

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Crawl, Creep, Climb: Why Our Babies Need To Move

Why are movements and active play are so important for babies? Why should parents stop hurrying their little ones to hit those milestones? Let’s find out more from an expert.

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Learning Time with Shaun and Timmy

British Council is bringing these two woolly friends to help and encourage your child to learn English. Happening in January 2015 and the first in Asia.

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6 Ways To Increase Productivity In Childcare Centres

With the increase in demand for childcare centres and lack of qualified manpower, therein lies the challenge of bridging this huge gap. So what can be done to narrow this widening gap?

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