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Parenting With Love Seminar: Preparing Your Child For Primary School

Our Parenting Seminar is back! Learn about how you can prep your child for Primary School, not just in your child’s academic work, but also helping them to navigate the social terrain.

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Things To Consider Before You Share Your Children Pictures Online

Most parents share photographs or videos of their children online with the intention to share their joy. But are there possible dangers and negative effects of sharing online?

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Common Bowel Problems In Children

What kind of food should you provide for your child for better digestion and bowel movement? Dr Goh Han Meng, Paediatrician at SBCC Baby & Child Clinic shares more.

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Find A Cleaner In Just 36 Hours

Finding a cleaner is tedious and often involves weeks of calls and paperwork. But now with Helpling, you can find a cleaner in just 36 hours with these three simple steps!

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Please Don’t Go! Dealing With Separation Anxiety

During the first few days at preschool, it is likely for children to experience anxiety. What are the possible triggers and signs? Why are some children less anxious than others?

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Peanut Butter & Chocolate Fun Cups Recipe by SKIPPY

Fancy some yummy home made cupcakes? Bake some peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes with your little ones using SKIPPY’s new Natural range of peanut butter.

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Teaching Our Children The Value Of…Standing Up for Themselves

Well-behaved. Polite. Willing to share. These are qualities that many parents would like their children to have. But no parents want their children to be pushovers too.

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Kitchen Safety: 5 Key Areas To Childproof

The kitchen is where some of the hottest action takes place, but do you know that it’s also the number one spot where child-related accidents take place?

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The ‘Oversharenting’ and ‘Fakebooking’ Phenomenon

Ever been informed of a little too much information on your friend’s children on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? What are the implications of ‘oversharenting’ and the ‘fakebooking’ phenomenom?

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Parenting With Love Seminar 2015: Meet Our Speakers

We are excited to bring back our Parenting With Love Seminar series! Learn how you can prepare your child for Primary School from our panel of speakers.

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