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Does My Child Need Braces?

Your child’s mouth seems to be overcrowded with his new teeth. When is a good time for your child to start wearing braces?

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A Journey Through Motherhood: What You Lose After Becoming A Mother

“My children are truly a gift to me, as are all our children, but if I’m not careful, this moment will pass in the blink of an eye.” Mummy Dorothea shares her motherhood journey with us.

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Is Technology Replacing Parents Today?

Though gadgets may seem like a simple way to keep children occupied, they are replacing the parent-child bonding time which can result in slower development.

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Understanding Speech Language Characteristics of Children With Down Syndrome

Children with Down syndrome have strengths and challenges in the development of communication skills. They generally have the desire to communicate and interact with people.

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How To Understand Your Toddler’s Tantrum Better

Toddlers can be in a whole league of their own cognitively, emotionally, socially. Here are seven facts that are good to know about how toddlers behave.

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4 Things Every Home First Aid Kit Should Have

Children and adults get into accidents, whether its indoors or outdoors. It’s important for your home first aid kit to be well equipped with these 4 essential items.

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All You Need To Know About Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a genetic condition caused by the presence of an extra chromosome in the body’s cell. It is not a disease, and it is not a hereditary condition.

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10 Tips On Preparing Your Older Child To Be A Big Brother Or Sister

Expecting child number #2? Here are some tips on preparing your older child for his or her new role as an older brother or sister.

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Can My Child Be Bilingual Even If I Am Not Bilingual?

There are ways you can increase your child’s exposure to Mandarin without actually speaking or reading it yourself. Fiona Walker from Julia Gabriel shares with us how.

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What Are The Common Germs And Bacteria That Invade Your Children’s Body?

Rotavirus. Streptococcus. Haemophilus influenza. Are you familiar with these viruses? Dr Ian Ong sheds more insight on the common germs and bacteria that invade our body.

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