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For The Parent

Nothing can truly prepare you for parenthood. But it helps to be equipped with useful tips and information from experts and other fellow parents. Navigate our articles in this section to get a clearer picture of your parenting journey ahead.

First Time Mum Series: Managing Disagreements With Your Other Caregiver

It’s not always easy to manage relationships with caregivers. The kind of relationship you have with them lies in how you choose to handle these differences.

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Important Facts Parents Need To Know About The IB Programme (Part II)

The IB programme is an international programme that develops 21st century competencies. Here’s why you should you consider it for your child.

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10 Out Of The Box Children’s Day Gift Ideas

Instead of adding another toy or book to your children’s already large collection, how about choosing one of these gift ideas instead?

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Breastfeeding In Public: How I Survived

With some practice and the right mindset, anyone can survive breastfeeding in public. Find out how our mummy writer breastfed in public.

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First-Time Mum Series: Taking That First Flight

All parents hope that the first flight with their baby is a smooth sailing one. But what happens when your first flight experience with your child turns our to be a nightmare?

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A Halloween Guide For Parents

New to celebrating Halloween? Don’t sweat. Here’s a simple Halloween Guide to help you through.

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Important Facts Parents Need To Know About The IB Programme (Part I)

What is the International Baccalaureate programme all about, what does the curriculum consist of and why should you consider it for your child? Find out more here.

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Can Baby Eat That? Foods To Avoid For Babies

What are the types of food that babies and young children should refrain from eating? When is a good time to introduce solids to your baby?

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The Hyper Parenting Syndrome: Do You Have It?

We prepare ourselves to be dutiful parents and are prepared to give our children the best. But at what point does responsible parenthood and parental effort cross into hyper-parenting?

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Why Won’t My Child Sit Still? Sensory Processing Disorder In Children

Have a preschooler that can’t sit still or pay attention? Here are some common signs of sensory processing difficulties that your child may be experiencing.

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