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Bonding Time

In this section, we shall with you some activities that you can do to enhance bonding between your children and you.

Art And Craft Activity: Sandbox Adventure

Thinking of what to do with your child over the long weekends or holidays? Here is a sandbox adventure to embark on with junior!

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5 Family Attractions To Visit In Malaysia

March holidays is in a month’s time. Start planning where to go and get ready to have a blast! Here are 5 family attractions to visit in Malaysia.

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Art and Craft Activity: Paper Goat Puppets

Have fun with your preschooler and whip up some of these cute goat puppets to entertain your guests.

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13 Useful Smartphone Apps For Busy Parents On-The-Go!

Being a parent means juggling between countless of activities. Strike a balance between the different tasks on hand by checking out these useful smartphone apps.

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5 Simple Relaxation Activities For Children

Is your child feeling anxious about school? Here are five stress-busters to try with your child.

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Creating Creativity: 6 Bright Ideas To Spark Your Child’s Creativity At Home

While some children are more expressive, for others, a bit of parental involvement may be needed to spark that interest. Here are six tips to get you and your kids started.

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Art And Craft Activity: How To Make Your Own Home Mailbox

Make a cheery upcycled mailbox for your home to encourage your children to write and create little notes for Daddy, Mummy and each other. Here’s how to get started.

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POSB Brings Back National Savings Campaign For Kids

Need help in teaching and encouraging your child to save? The National School Savings Campaign has been relaunched this year, to encourage primary school kids to cultivate the habit of saving.

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DIY: How To Make Pretty Felt Flowers

Instead of buying Chinese New Year decorations, why not make your own instead? We show you how to make these pretty felt flowers with your child.

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10 Creative Ways To Count Down To The New Year

If heading down to the Marina Bay to join in the countdown festivities isn’t your family’s cup of tea, here are ten things you can do to count down, all in comforts of your home.

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