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Bonding Time

Studies show that a strong parent-child bond in the early years is key to a child’s development. Here are reasons and ideas to get you started on spending quality time with your child.

Setting The Stage For Your Child’s Learning: 3 Simple Ways

The experiences our little ones receive in the first few years of their life is crucial to how their brain develops. How can we set the stage for real learning to take place?

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Pigeon: The Mass Latch On 2015

On 1st of August, more than 100 nursing mothers from different walks of life came together for a meaningful mass latch on, to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, and Singapore’s 50th birthday.

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10 Creative Ways To Teach Your Kids About Singapore

It’s our Nation’s 50th Birthday! Here are some ideas you can do to introduce your child to our country’s history without boring them to tears.

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50 Ideas To Do With Your Kids Around Singapore

Who says there’s nothing to do in Singapore? Here are 50 ways you can have fun with your kids, not just this month but all year round.

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SKIPPY Chicken Satay Peanut Butter Chix Stix Recipe

Make your own unique satay sauce by adding a dash of SKIPPY Natural Super Chunk Peanut Butter Spread to this well loved local delicacy.

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An Easier, Safer and Faster Way To Learn How To Ride A Bike

Want your child to learn how to ride a two wheeler? We spoke to our winners of our Learner Bicycle Giveaway, whose children had a free 2 hour session on the Learner Bike.

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Baking With Your Child: A Practical Step By Step Guide

Baking with kids is definitely more messy and inconvenient than baking alone, but it’s double the joy! Here are some practical tips for making the most out of the experience.

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Changi Bistro: A Dining Place For Friends & Family At Changi Beach Park

If you haven’t been to Changi Beach Park, it’s time to bring your family there. Spend a day there with fun-filled activities and great food.

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How To Support Your Child’s Social Communication

Communication goes beyond just verbal output. To provide the right support, we must first understand the social communication developmental milestones in young children.

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How To Use Music And Movement To Improve Your Child’s Literacy

Music and movement can impact children in many ways. But what if parents feel they can’t sing or dance? Can they still encourage their child to enjoy music and movement?

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