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Bonding Time

In this section, we shall with you some activities that you can do to enhance bonding between your children and you.

Entrepreneurial Exposure For Children: Sentosa KidZ Flea Experience

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur and how can we expose children to entrepreneurship in a way that is fun and engaging?

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Must-Haves For A Fun Birthday Party

What are the must-haves for a fun birthday party? Here are some essential tips on organising a Birthday Bash for your little one.

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Family Bonding Activities And The Importance Of Family Bonding

Marlina Sarkan, Principal at Learning Vision @ Work Pte Ltd tells us why family bonding is important and shares with us how she bond with her children.

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9 Reasons Why You Should Visit This Indoor Playground

Located in the heart of Downtown East and AMK Hub, this multi-faceted tactile indoor playground is worth exploring. We give you nine reasons why.

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Why We Are Signing Up For Sentosa KidZ Flea

Want your child to experience the adventure of being a “boss” where they can learn and develop life skills not taught in school such as financial management and empathy?

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Benefits Of A Holistic Program For Your Child

What is the importance of providing your child with a balanced and holistic program? Here are some reasons why.

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Art And Craft Activity: Sandbox Adventure

Thinking of what to do with your child over the long weekends or holidays? Here is a sandbox adventure to embark on with junior!

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5 Family Attractions To Visit In Malaysia

March holidays is in a month’s time. Start planning where to go and get ready to have a blast! Here are 5 family attractions to visit in Malaysia.

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Art and Craft Activity: Paper Goat Puppets

Have fun with your preschooler and whip up some of these cute goat puppets to entertain your guests.

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13 Useful Smartphone Apps For Busy Parents On-The-Go!

Being a parent means juggling between countless of activities. Strike a balance between the different tasks on hand by checking out these useful smartphone apps.

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