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Kinderland 2016


The early years can be tumultuous. How do you take care of your new born? What are the signs and symptoms of common childhood illness and how do you know if your baby is developing fine? Here’s what you need to know about taking care of your baby.

Auspicious Chinese Names For Babies Born In The Year Of The Monkey

Are you expecting a Monkey baby? Feng Shui Master Jo Ching shares auspicious Chinese names to give your baby for the year 2016.

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How Your Baby Can Learn: Advice From An Expert

Find out more about how your baby can learn with Dr Robert C. Titzer, an expert in the area of infant learning.

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Jaundice In Babies

What are the causes and symptoms of jaundice in babies, and what should parents do to get their babies treated?

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How To Soothe A Crying Baby In Seconds

Have a fussy baby that won’t stop crying? Dr Robert Hamilton, a pediatrician in Santa Monica, shows us how to soothe a crying baby, with this simple hold.

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Pumping Your Breastmilk: 7 Secrets To Success

How can you have the most effective pumping session to increase your breastmilk supply? We delve into the art of pumping breastmilk.

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Orthopaedic Conditions in Babies and Children (Part I)

Dr Wong Chin Khoon, Paediatrician at SBCC Baby & Child Clinic explains two common orthopaedic conditions in babies – Torticollis and Club Foot.

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Bruising In Babies And Children: Commonly Asked Questions

Is bruising common in babies and children? We asked Dr Lim Kai Hung, General Practitioner from SMG Medical to find out more.

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A Baby Cot That Can Be Used For Life

Most baby cots only last for a few years as our babies eventually outgrow them. But here’s one cot that will see your baby through his growing years.

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5 Common Myths Of Breastfeeding At Work

Most working mothers are usually too shy to seek help from their employers, out of fear of being judged. We debunk common myths of breastfeeding that colleagues or employers may have.

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First-Time Mum Series: Taking That First Flight

All parents hope that the first flight with their baby is a smooth sailing one. But what happens when your first flight experience with your child turns our to be a nightmare?

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