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Brain Training can change a Kid’s Entire Life!
3 in and 2 out Holiday program to develop your child to their fullest potential! Improve IQ, comprehension and communication skills!

NeuroPower comes from a rich background. It is developed by clinical and neuropsychology, visual & auditory processing & educational professional. Thousands have already successfully completed the mental processing and cognitive enhancement training programs offered by the developers of NeuroPower in hundreds of doctor’s offices, hospitals, mental health clinics, learning and tutoring centers and schools.

boyNeuroPower will knock down barriers to a student’s full potential.

First, let’s tell you what NeuroPower training is NOT. NeuroPower is not like schoolwork. It is not academic. It doesn’t teach subjects like math and history and social studies. It works on the underlying learning skills – that is – the tools that are necessary for success in those academic subjects.

NeuroPower is a behavioural strategy that specialises in applying the latest insights from neuroscience to drive individual, team and organisational performance.

childrenGreat Mind Games. NeuroPower involves fun mental exercises that are really mind games. As capabilities improve, and higher levels of skill are attainable, multiple skills are required. Some of the procedures involve accuracy. Others involve working against the clock. Concentration is a must. It’s all a big-time challenge with big time benefits.

Why is NeuroPower training so effective?
Training that is deliberate and tailored to meet individual needs can alter a mind and have its capabilities grow. Recent research shows that the mind, with mental exercise, causes brain cells, called neurons, to branch widely. That is, they expand and grow. This branching causes millions of additional connections (called synapses) between brain cells. Dr. Arnold Scheibel, the former director of UCLA’s Brain Research Institute, suggests that we think of brain growth as a computer with a bigger memory board that allows us to “do more things more quickly.”

The dramatic improvement in processing and cognitive skills that result from NeuroPower training does just that: the mind gets smarter.

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This special holiday program will be carried out over 5 days :

Monday to Friday Date: 3rd Dec to 7th Dec 2012

Fees : $550

NeuroPower Special Holiday Program

1st Day 1 Cognitive skills training at Tampines ( 9.00am – 5.00pm )
2nd Day 2 6 intelligences at Tampines ( 9.00am – 5.00pm )
3rd Day 3 Visual & Auditory skills training at Tampines ( 9am – 6pm )
4th Day 4 Outdoor training @ East Coast ( 9.00am to 6.00p.m )
5th Day 5 Outdoor training @ East Coast ( 9.00am to 6.00pm )

It includes a clinical Test which benchmark your child’s cognitive skills worth $300 FREE!

Venue: No 1 Tampines Central 5, #03-16 CPF Building Singapore 529508 ( Beside Tampines MRT station )

Graduation: 29th December 2012

New Year and Science Party on that day!

Call 8581 3593 or 62884123 to register!