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Moonfest – A Mid Autumn Celebration At Esplanade

Esplanade presents Moonfest – A Mid-Autumn Celebration

We shortlist some of the Free Programmes you may be interested in:


In Chinese Opera, colours play a huge part in portraying an actor’s characteristics and moods. If you are to perform on stage, what will your colours be? Create a character by making your own mask!

Date(s): 2 – 30 Sep 2016
Time(s): 11am – 6pm daily
Venue: PIP’s PLAYbox

maskquerade at esplanade

Diabolo Fun by Diabolo Art
Roll up your sleeves and and perform exciting diabolo tricks! Professional instructors from Diabolo Art guide you along to master simple diabolo juggling and other fun techniques.

Date(s): 10 Sep 2016 Sat
Time(s): 5.45pm & 6.45pm
Duration: 30mins
Venue: Forecourt Garden

Diabolo Fun


Small People Big Stories by Tan Wan Sze & Jo Kwek
Characters like Geronimo, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are no stranger to most kids, but do they know about the remorseful little bird, the granny who sells red bean porridge and the magical white crane? Bring your kids to discover these fascinating and educational Asian tales and learn values like compassion, care and determination with storytellers Tan Wan Sze and Jo Kwek!

Date(s): 9 – 11 Sep 2016 Fri – Sun
Time(s): Fri: 12pm & 3.30pm | Sat & Sun: 3.30pm & 4.30pm
Duration: 30mins
Venue: PIP’s PLAYbox

Small People Big Stories

The Moonlit Smile by The Pop-up Storytellers
Little An An falls asleep and meets an old granny from the moon who has lost her way. As they search for their way home, they begin to miss the ones they love…

Travel on a magical journey and rediscover the meaning behind the Mid-Autumn Festival with The Pop-up Storytellers.

Date(s): 10 & 11 Sep 2016Sat & Sun
Time(s): 3.15pm, 4.15pm & 5.15pm
Duration: 30mins
Venue: Concourse

the moonlit smile esplanade


Lantern Walkabout
A Moonfest crowd favourite! What better way to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival than gathering with family and friends for our annual Lantern Walkabout! Take a leisurely stroll along the Esplanade Waterfront with your favourite lantern and take in the beautiful scenery along the way. A sprightly Dragon Dance by Hong Jie Association will add to the festive mood!

Date(s): 10 Sep 2016 Sat
Time(s): 7.45pm
Venue: Esplanade Waterfront
Note: Gather at the Forecourt Garden at 7.30pm

lantern walkabout at esplanade waterfront


Fluffy Jade Rabbit Craft Workshop by Megan and Su
Make your own Fluffy Jade Rabbit this Mid-Autumn by using simple recycled materials like toilet paper rolls and colourful crepe paper!

Date(s): 10 & 11 Sep 2016 Sat & Sun
Time(s): 2pm – 6pm
Duration: Activity will take approximately 45mins to complete.
Venue: Concourse

fluffy jade rabbit craft workshop

For more information, visit

Photo credit: Esplanade

september 2016 family activities

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Esplanade Presents 艺满中秋 2016


日期: 2016 年 09 月 2 至 30 日星期五 – 星期五
时间: 每日上午11时至傍晚6时
地点: 小皮厢

maskquerade at esplanade

日期: 2016 年 09 月 10 日星期六
时间: 5.45pm & 6.45pm
长短: 30分钟
地点: 前院花园

小人物大故事 陈宛诗与郭沛珊
Harry Potter 和 Percy Jackson,小朋友都很熟悉;但他们认识后悔鸟、卖红豆粥的婆婆和仙鹤姐姐吗?带孩子来听听亚洲许多寓教于乐的故事,透过精彩有趣的故事学习互相关爱、彼此宽容,以及培养积极进取的精神。

日期: 2016年9月9至11日 星期五至日
时间: 星期五:中午12时与下午3时30分 | 星期六与日:下午3时30分与4时30分
长短: 30分钟
地点: 小皮厢

月光下的笑容 故事泡泡帮


日期: 2016 年 09 月 10 与 11 日 星期六与星期日
时间: 3.15pm, 4.15pm & 5.15pm
长短: 30分钟
地点: 中央大厅

the moonlit smile esplanade

日期: 2016 年 09 月 10 日星期六
时间: 7.45pm
地点: 滨海湾畔

lantern walkabout at esplanade waterfront

小玉兔手工制作乐 寒青与欢

日期: 2016 年 09 月 10 与 11 日 星期六与星期日
时间: 2pm – 6pm
地点: 中央大厅

fluffy jade rabbit craft workshop

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