Studies by MindChamps’ education experts have found that our brain is made up of three distinct parts, aptly termed the 3 Minds. Consisting of the Champion Mind, the Learning Mind, and the Creative Mind, the 3 Minds form the essential components that bring out the MindChampion in your child and inspire a life-long love for learning.

This June holiday, the joys of learning never stop with the exhilarating line-up of holiday workshops and programmes at MindChamps. Register your child now and let him/her revise the past term’s modules, engage in hands-on activities and be inspired with the Champion Mindset.

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mindchamps june holidays

Pirates Ahoy! Reading Mission (3 to 6 years old)
Investment: $68 per child

Mum, Dad and their budding explorers will get to experience Integrated phonics (through songs, rhymes and poems), and Listening and Reading Comprehension (through Immersive Reading Strategies) in a fun and adventurous way. One parent is required to attend this workshop with their child.
Note: 1 parent is required to attend

01 June (Wed) Time: 2pm – 4pm
07 June (Tue) Time: 10am – 12pm

Pirates Ahoy! The Writing Mission (P1 to P3)
Investment: $89 per child

Let your child join on a scavenger hunt to unravel a treasure trove of Adjectives, Conjunctions, Verbs and much more. Here, they can create their own masterpiece and learn all about creative writing. Catch this once in a lifetime opportunity!

P1 – 2 June (Thu), 2pm – 4pm
P2 – 6 June (Mon), 10am – 12pm
P3 – 6 June (Mon), 2pm – 4pm

mindchamps june holiday workshops

Champion Mind Programme (P1 & P2)
Investment: $68 per child

With the recent announcement on the changes to the PSLE scoring system that will come into effect in 2021, your child’s schooling years will be focused on building aptitude and overall development. Through MindChamps’ proprietary Champion Mind programme, you can empower your child with the crucial learning, thinking and communication skills needed to excel in school and beyond.

1 & 2 June (Wed & Thu), 10am – 1pm

mindchamps june holiday workshops 2016

Champion Values Programme (P3 & P4/ P5 & P6)
Investment: $148 per child (Lunch is provided)

This two-day programme nurtures your child to be respectful towards others, and at the same time helps them to express themselves without fear. Emphasis will be placed on cultivating each child’s ability to overcome setbacks and embrace feedback as a seed for growth.

P3&P4 – 13 & 14 June (Mon & Tue), 9am – 6pm
P5&P6 – 08 & 09 June (Wed & Thu), 9am – 6pm

PSLE Grand Prix Workshops (P5 in 2016)
Investment: $98 per subject

Revisit the key concepts in PSLE English, Maths, Science and Chinese in our “Formula 1” themed holiday workshops. Here, your child will gain a better understanding of the curriculum through engaging classroom activities and projects, and learn effective exam strategies that will help them excel in PSLE with confidence.

PSLE Math – 1 June (Wed), 9am – 1pm
PSLE English – 2 June (Thu), 9am – 1pm
PSLE Science – 3 June (Fri), 9am – 1pm
PSLE Chinese – 6 June (Mon), 9am – 1pm

The New Age Parents EXCLUSIVE, Key in TNAP0516 to enjoy 15% off!

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