Magic Moments MindChamps BookMagic can be so many things to a child.

It can be the discovery of how  bubbles burst the moment he touches them.

It can be the discovery of a new secret hiding place in his favorite playground.

It can be the discovery of how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly.

A book filled with a variety of ideas for parents to do with their toddlers age 0 – 24 months old, MindChamps Publishing’s latest book Magic Moments: Small Beginnings is written by Carmee Lim and Brian Caswell.

The book introduces the concept of the ‘3 Minds’ – the Champion, Learning and Creative mind, and touches on the importance of the environment and parent-child play. From activities to stimulate your infant’s five senses, to indoor and outdoor activities, this book makes the perfect activity hand book for parents who are lost for ideas.

Based on years of research and practice, coupled with understanding of neuroscience and psychology of the learning brain, this book opens the door to parents on how parenting can be simple, fun and unintimidating.

What magic moments would you create with your child today?

Magic Moments: Small Beginnings is now available at MindChamps’ Online Store.