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Thread: Naughty Children, BORN or BRED by Prof Zhou Hong

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    Naughty Children, BORN or BRED by Prof Zhou Hong

    About the event by Congress 360
    (3/3/12 or 4/3/12 from 1.30 to 5.30 pm at Max Atria@Singapore Expo )

    For Parents
    In the process of accompanying your children's growth, do you feel like you are:

    - sitting on a high-speed roller coaster so frightened with the bumps and downs OR

    - walking in the rugged steep cliff so afraid that you may fall in the abyss.

    Are you always in a panic mode given the pressure from the current educational system?
    • How can we raise our children into a person with great results and most importantly, with good personalities without compromising a happy childhood?
    • How can we prevent our children from joining the gangs? Or save them if they are already in it?
    • How to teach our children about bullying in schools and how to handle such situations?
    • How could we get our children out from game addiction?
    • How do we get our children to understand the impact of young love?
    • How do we get our children excel in their school without giving them high pressure?
    If you are facing 3 or more of the above challenges, come hear what Professor Zhou Hong has to share:

    - Use of an easy to understand language to help the audience grasp the principles and techniques of Appreciation Education.

    - Deal with some of major and common problems that our children are facing today.
    - Concepts that will transform your parenting paradigm into a whole new way of bringing up your children regardless of how difficult your situation as a parent is today.

    Professor Zhou Hong believes that the only way to help our children is to first learn how to be parents ourselves. Parents too, have to improve ourselves to become better parents for our children.

    For single attendance, ticket is at $69 and for couple attendance, ticket is at $118. Call June at 98005120 to get the tickets without SISTIC charges.

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    If you know of Chinese speaking parents, please share with them the following interviews of Zhou Hong:

    Date Time Media
    22 Feb 10 am Radio 95.8
    27 Feb 2.15 pm Radio 97.2
    28 Feb 7 - 9 am 早安您好

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    Just share a little bit about Zhou Hong. He has a daughter who was borne deaf impaired. She spoke only at age 3. With her father's nurturing care, she was able to speak fluent Mandarin without slurring. In primary school, she skipped one level before graduating to secondary school. At secondary school, she skipped 2 levels. When she was granted admission to Boston University, she was the first Chinese deaf student to be admitted there.

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