The New Age Parents Free Online Parenting Magazine And Portal Fri, 09 Oct 2015 10:33:12 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Which Maths Program Works For Your Child? Fri, 09 Oct 2015 08:07:57 +0000 Seriously Addictive Mathematics works!

‘I like the fact that the S.A.M program is catered for the preparation of the Singapore Mathematic Syllabus. Also, as the progression is based on individual ability, it has allowed my 6 year old son to progress to Primary 3 Level Mathematics in a fun and interesting way. He now comprehends the words and phraseology in the word problems easily. The problems are set in a myriad of ways, so he is taught to be flexible in finding solutions.’
Anne Chiang, mother of Aidan 6 years old.

There are 10 S.A.M Centres around Singapore currently.


Seriously Addictive Mathematics Maths Program

Click here for a larger view

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Halloween At Science Centre Tickets Giveaway Fri, 09 Oct 2015 08:00:13 +0000 We are giving away 3 sets of family tickets to Halloween @ Science Centre to our fans and readers! One set will be exclusive for our followers on Instagram.

Contest ends 25 Oct 2015. Like us today and share with your friends.

Halloween @ Science Centre 2015

  • These are tickets for either 30th or 31st October 2015 only.
  • Not exchangeable for cash.
  • Non-transferable.
  • Winners will need to present redemption letter & NRIC during ticket collection.

Contest Giveaway

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Seussical The Musical Tickets Giveaway Thu, 08 Oct 2015 09:25:21 +0000 Direct from the UK tour, ABA Productions and Diva Productions proudly presents Seussical the Musical!

The fantastical, bombastical and songtastical world of Dr. Seuss, one of the most celebrated children’s book authors, will be here live on stage!

Seussical The musical tickets giveaway

Featuring a spectacular compilation of whimsical elements, characters and delightful verses from some of Dr. Seuss classics – Horton Hears a Who, Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat – you sure are off to great places at Seussical the Musical! Seussical the Musical is fantastic for the whole family and children aged 5 and up.

Show Date and Time
November 6th Friday – 5pm
November 7th Saturday – 11am, 3pm
November 8th Sunday – 11am, 3pm

Esplanade Theatre, 1 Esplanade Drive Singapore 038981

Price ranges from $58 to $108

From now till 15th June, save $100 or more when you buy 4 or more Category 1 tickets to the opening night (6th November/ 5pm).

Enjoy 10% discount for purchase of 10 tickets or more.

Admission Rules
There is no minimum age for this performance and all audience members must have their own ticket. Infant in arms are not allowed.

Tickets can be booked at Sistic. For more information check out ABA Productions official website:

The New Age Parents is giving away 4 Category 1 tickets (worth $432) to catch Seussical The Musical!

Seussical the musical tickets

Date: *6 November, Friday
Time: 5 pm
Venue: Esplanade Theatre

*Note that the date and time cannot be changed and Seussical the Musical is recommended for audiences from 5 years old and up.

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Contest ends 25 Oct 2015.

Winners will be contacted via phone and email.

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5 Lessons From Parenting From The Heart Seminar 2015 Thu, 08 Oct 2015 03:04:56 +0000 Parenting from the heart seminar Dumex

On 3 October, Dumex organised its fifth run of “Parenting from The Heart Seminar” at Raffles City Convention Centre Stamford Ballroom. Supported by Thomson Medical, NTUC Fair Price and Cordlife, over 650 guests attended the seminar. With a theme centered on baby’s gut health, a panel of experts shared their insights on how to take care of a baby’s gut health during the first 1,000 days after the first day of pregnancy.

Parenting from the heart seminar 2015

Here are key takeaways from the seminar.

1. The Best and Most Natural Way To Boost Your Baby’s Immunity

“70% – 80% of your baby immune cells are located along the gut walls. Breastfeeding is the best way to boost your baby’s immune system as breastmilk contains millions of antibodies and protects babies from infectious disease such as diarrhea and respiratory diseases.” said Ms Chen Li Qin, Lactation Consultant at Thomson Parentcraft Centre.

Ms Chen Li Qin Lactation Consultant Thomson ParentCraft Centre

She gave a step by step account of how to breastfeed, including tips for daddies on how they can help their wives during the nursing period. She informed mummies not to be distressed or alarmed if they do not extract much breastmilk within the first few days after birth. “It takes about 2 weeks for your milk supply to fully establish.” Ms Chen assured the mothers.

“The most important aspect of breastfeeding is that you and your baby have to be relaxed. If you are tense, your baby can sense it and you will not have a good feeding session.” She went on to demonstrate how mothers can lead their babies to latch on comfortably and the various positions of breastfeeding. Other concerns addressed were possible reasons why some mothers couldn’t breastfeed and difficulties some mothers may face when breastfeeding.

2. How Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Can Help Your Child’s Gut Health

“There is a common saying in TCM. Even if one is very sick, but one still can eat, there is hope to recover.” shared Ms Gee Swee Sien, Physician at Thomson Chinese Medicine.

Ms Gee Swee Sien Physician Thomson Chinese Medicine

Before listing the signs and symptoms of a poor gut, Ms Gee clarified a common misconception between these two terms. “Signs are something we can see with our eyes. Symptoms are felt. For example, headache is a symptom; a bruise on your arm is a sign.” Signs of a poor gut include: Sallow complexion, loose stools, abdominal discomfort and loss of weight. Symptoms of a poor gut include feeling fatigue and tired all the time.

In TCM, there are two ways parents can help their babies maintain gut health. The first is through TCM herbs. The second method is through TCM massage; applying pressure on specific acupressure points.

For TCM herbs, Ms Gee suggested two remedies: 四君子汤 (Si Jun Zi Tang) / Four Gentlemen Decoction or 香砂六君子汤 (Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang) Six Gentlemen Decoction.

Ms Gee then proceeded with a live demonstration of the specific TCM acupressure points for better gut health. The points are 足三里 (Zu San Li) and 公孙 (Gong Sun).

Laura Foo, 29, who works in the banking industry and expecting her first child, found the talk informative and insightful, especially on how to develop and enhance baby’s gut through breastfeeding and TCM pediatric massage. “The tips were simple and very doable to carry out at home. I highly recommend it!” she exclaimed.

3. How Cord Blood Banking Can Save You And Your Baby

“Many people have this misunderstanding that cord blood donors can only receive cord blood from others. On the contrary, their own cord blood can be used for their own benefit as well.” Dr Tang Kin Fai, Deputy Laboratory Director of Cordlife Group Ltd clarified. Citing cord blood banking as a long term investment, he listed the advantages of Cord blood banking and cited some case studies to support his stand.

Over 100 diseases can be treatable with cord blood transplantation; including blood disorders and non-blood disorders are treatable. Furthermore, 50% of childhood cancer incidences can be treated. Dr Tan recounts, “One example is Ray Foo, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Although he was unable to find a bone marrow match, doctors were able to use his younger sister’s umbilical cord blood and performed a cord blood transplantation for Ray. He recovered and was able to live beyond his predicted life span when he was first diagnosed.”

4. Delivery Decisions On Your Big Day

What types of delivery methods are available in Singapore and what are the disadvantages and advantages? Dr Tan Toh Lick, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Thomson Women’s Clinic (Jurong East) gave a comprehensive presentation, covering topics ranging from pre-delivery to the delivery itself.

Dr Tan Toh Lick - Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Thomson Women's Clinic (Jurong East)

Quoting natural or vaginal delivery as the most commonly used method, Dr Tan also mentioned other delivery methods such as Instrumental Delivery, Episiotomy (also known as the Cut) and Caesarean. Pros and cons of the various pain relief options were also addressed so that the audience could make an informed decision on the day of delivery.

In his final point, Dr Tan reminded the audience that they should also listen to their Gynaecologist’s advice when it comes to the final decision, and although it was good to plan ahead, parents need to remain open and be prepared to expect the unexpected.

5. The Importance Of Gut Health

Did you know there are more than 400 bacteria species in our gut? But are they all good bacteria? asked Dr Ang Ai Tin, Paediatric Consultant at Thomson Paediatric Centre, who spoke on gut health in babies.

“The good bacteria in our gut are known as probiotics. Some examples of good bacteria include Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria and these can be found in breastmilk and the mother’s vaginal track.” Dr Ang also stressed the importance of breastfeeding and why vaginal birth is best for the baby, as they will be exposed to these sources of bacteria.

After breastfeeding, she urged parents to wean their babies with wholesome foods, such as fruits and vegetables for a balanced diet. “All foods should be cooked by steaming and stir frying. Avoid food allergens such as eggs, wheat, tree nuts, fish, shell fish, soy, peanuts, and those high in glycemic carbs, such as noodle and bread.” A final and interesting tip she shared was to introduce spices (e.g. ginger and onion) in small amounts to baby, after 9 months.

All guests walked away with a goodie bag worth $200 and were treated to a confinement food tasting by Thomson Medical Centre.

Parenting from the heart Seminar Goodie bag

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First Time Mum Series: Managing Disagreements With Your Other Caregiver Wed, 07 Oct 2015 11:05:32 +0000 It’s not always easy to manage relationships with caregivers. Some caregivers are more amenable to your suggestions while others are less accommodating. The kind of relationship you have with them lies in how you choose to handle these differences.


Whether you are a working or stay-at-home mother, there will come a point in time when a situation calls for you to seek help in caring for your child. If the stars align, you end up perfectly happy with the arrangement; otherwise, you may find yourself throwing your hands up in the air and asking why you thought it was a good idea to hand your child to someone else in the first place.

Here are four tips for new mummies.

1. Identify the consequences

There are certain things that cannot be compromised when it comes to caring for a child, such as safety. If the caregivers are doing things that endanger your child, one must and should speak up; should the caregivers not heed your warning, then it’s imperative to remove your child from their care. Some parents may hesitate to do so as they are unable to find alternative caregiving arrangements, or that the caregivers are seniors and in normal circumstances, warrant their respect, but danger is danger, and nothing should stand in the way of ensuring the child’s safety.

2. Pick your battles

Every parent has different preferences when it comes to how the child should be showered, fed, napped, etc. I speak from my own experiences when I say that it can be incredibly frustrating to have caregivers do things their way and not mine, and have my instructions fall on deaf ears. Realistically speaking though, we cannot insist on our preferences to the last detail; there has to be some sort of a compromise for the relationship to work.

One might have to give up feeding organic foods to the child should the caregivers find it challenging to source for the ingredients. The caregivers may have to give up using screen time as a way to occupy the child. Unfortunately, a one-size-fits-all solution does not exist as the caregiving relationship is tempered by different personalities, child-rearing experiences and educated (or uneducated) opinions. We just have to pick our battles, weigh our priorities, discuss them with the caregivers, come to a compromise and hope that our common love for the child will override most differences.

3. Live and let live

Of course, we are humans and will pull our hairs out at some point, even in the best caregiving relationships. By all means, keep it civil whilst letting the caregivers know what you need them to help out with. If they cannot do so or refuse to compromise even after your repeated attempts to engage them, and yet, they do not actually endanger your child, live and let live. Let your grievances out to family and friends who may understand your misgivings, take a deep breath and move on. Don’t let your disappointment and anger make you lose sight of the big picture.

4. Determine if you can live with a less-than-ideal caregiving relationship

At the end of the day, we engage caregivers because we need help. We, as parents, pick the best ones that fit our expectations, lifestyles and budgets (if it’s paid help), and I have no doubt that we try our best to get help from people we trust most. If the caregiving relationship seems to be causing you more harm than good, ask yourself if you can afford to do away with it and care for your child on your own.

If work, errands, poor health or the need for a breather cannot be ignored, then help is a must and one of the top priorities, and a less-than-ideal caregiving relationship (I’m not referring to the ones that endanger your child) may be one that you have to live with for now, until you can find alternative arrangements. Something has got to give.

By Rachel Tan

This article was first published in The New Age Parents Aug / Sep 2015 e-magazine

How did you deal with a difficult caregiver? Share your experience with us below in our comments section!

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Halloween @ Science Centre Wed, 07 Oct 2015 08:24:06 +0000 Dates: 30th & 31st October 2015
Location: Science Centre Singapore
Time: 7pm – 11pm
Admission Rates:

  • Adult – $25
  • Child – $20

* Admission fee includes entrance to Science Centre & Year-End Blockbuster Exhibition.

Halloween @ Science Centre 2015

Exhibition Summary:

This year at Science Centre Singapore, frightful fun awaits you. Come experience The Haunted Trail and be prepared for a spooky night of frights that is sure to scare. Alternatively, enjoy hearty family fun in the NOT SO CREEPY! Halloween Activity Stations where kids can become students of Monster Academy or simply have a fun-filled time filled with lots of tricks and treats. Come dressed as yourself, witch, ghost or your favourite Halloween costume and join us for an exciting and extraordinary Halloween experience!


  • Haunted Trail (13 years and above)
  • The Not So Creepy Halloween Activity Stations (12 years and below)
  • Scariest Halloween Outfit Contest
  • Cutest Halloween Outfit Contest

Terms and conditions:

  • Last admission to Year-End Blockbuster Exhibition is at 10.00pm.
  • Science Centre Singapore rules and regulations apply.
  • The Haunted Trail is not suitable for the faint hearted, pregnant ladies, visitors with limited physical mobility or mental health that may be affected by the challenges within the attraction.
  • The Haunted Trail is not recommended for children under five. Children under five may be scared by the dark areas, dramatic sculptures and loud sound FX.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an older person.


Halloween @ Science Centre adults

Halloween @ Science Centre for kids

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I Can Read Singapore Celebrates Their 15th Anniversary With A Bash! Tue, 06 Oct 2015 09:09:40 +0000 What’s the best way to celebrate 15 years of success? A birthday BASH of course.

I Can Read®, a premium market leader in English language education in Asia, celebrated its 15th Anniversary Birthday EXTRAVAGANZA last Wednesday at Shaw Lido Theatre. The event was organized to thank all the students and parents for their support over the years.

I Can Read

Over 400 students and parents turned up for the fun and exciting celebration held at Shaw Lido Theatre.

Activities and games, such as a photo booth with fun props, colouring activities and the Hunt The Words shooting game, were set up for the families. They even got a chance to take pictures with the Hotel Transylvania Mascots during a Meet & Greet session.

I can read fun games

I can read activities

I can read Hotel Transylvania 2

Laughter could be heard everywhere! All the students and the adults had a great time at the event!

What happened next? Free popcorn, drinks and a movie for the families!

I Can Read® 15th Anniversary Birthday EXTRAVAGANZA ended on a high note with a sneak preview Hotel Transylvania 2!

About I Can Read®

I Can Read® is the market leader in English language education in Asia and is well known for its reading programme. This well-known and successful brand has taught over 120,000 successful students worldwide while 10,000 students have benefited from the I Can Read® programme in Singapore alone! I Can Read® has a specially designed programme for young children from the age of 2.5 onwards. That’s not all, there are also workshops and holiday programmes to facilitate and challenge these young minds, too! Why not give your child a chance to excel in their reading and writing skills?

For more information or to set up a free assessment, visit their

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Important Facts Parents Need To Know About The IB Programme (Part II) Tue, 06 Oct 2015 07:09:59 +0000 For 45 years, the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme have gained a reputation for implementing high academic standards and for preparing students for life in a globalized society. In the Asia Pacific region, the IB supports over 620 schools offering more than 900 programmes in 29 countries and territories.

The first IB World School to be authorised in Singapore was in 1977. To date, there are 31 IB World schools in the country.

Ian Chambers, the Asia Pacific Director at the International Baccalaureate tells TNAP more about the IB programme. Read part I of our article here.

ib programme in singapore

1. What are the course fees like?

The course fees vary for the Primary Years Programme (PYP). Parents may reach out directly IB World Schools which offer the PYP in Singapore to gauge an estimate of school fees. You can find a list of schools in Singapore that are offered the PYP here.

2. What are the schools offering IB Programmes in Singapore right now?

As of August 2015, there are 31 schools in Singapore that offer IB programmes. They are:

  1. ACS International Singapore
  2. Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
  3. Australian International School Singapore
  4. Canadian International School
  5. Canadian International School, Tanjong Katong Campus
  6. Chatsworth International School – East Campus
  7. Chatsworth International School, Singapore
  8. Chinese International School
  9. EtonHouse International Pre-School
  10. EtonHouse International Research Pre-School
  11. EtonHouse International School
  12. EtonHouse Preschool – Newton Road
  13. German European School, Singapore
  14. German European School, Singapore
  15. Global Indian International School
  16. Hwa Chong International School
  17. International School of Singapore
  18. NPS International School
  19. Nexus International School (Singapore)
  20. Odyssey, The Global Preschool Pte Ltd
  21. One World International School
  22. Overseas Family School
  23. School of the Arts, Singapore
  24. Singapore Sports School
  25. St Joseph’s Institution
  26. St Joseph’s Institution International
  27. Stamford American International School
  28. Tanglin Trust School
  29. The Little Skool-House International Pte Ltd
  30. United World College for S E Asia/Singapore
  31. United World Collee of South East Asia East Campus

3. Why should I consider it for my child?

what is the IB programme about

Apart from excellence in academic ability, IB programmes nurtures the curiosity of its students, developing skills for inquiry and research which will benefit the student as he or she progresses through their studies and life. The programme also allows students to communicate with people from diverse cultures to better understand and recognise themselves and the world around them while encouraging confident, creative and strong collaborative interaction.

Students will also grasp conceptual understanding and knowledge across a large range of disciplines and ideas of global and local significance. This will broaden their perspectives on cultures and personal histories as well as to exhibit compassion, empathy, respect and make balanced intellectual, physical and emotional decisions.

An IB education aims to instil integrity, fairness and honesty as well as independence, forethought and determination in its students. These abilities enable students to respect the rights of people everywhere, work independently, evaluate their thoughts and cooperatively, explore new ideas, utilise resources and be resilient in the face of challenges and change.

Finally, the Diploma Programme (DP) is recognized and respected by the world’s leading universities, and evidence suggests that higher rates of DP students go on to university and higher education study than non-IB students.

The evidence overwhelmingly suggests that DP students have a great deal to offer at university. While there are strong indicators that the DP is strong preparation, the students themselves often bring a great deal with them when entering the programme. The Diploma (DP) fosters a variety of academic and non-academic knowledge, skills and abilities important for success during the transition from senior/high school to university.

4. Common IB myths and misconceptions parents may have

  • That IB classes are much harder than other classes and is not all it’s made out to be
  • IB has clear goals for excellence for its students. The program has defined outcomes it sets or it students. Through its programmes, IB aims to provide a holistic approach of education to its students by focusing both on academics and personal development to prepare them to excel beyond school.
  • IB teachers do their best to accommodate the teaching system and coordinate assignments so that no one night is particularly overwhelming for students. During the student’s time in the IB program, they will be guided towards developing good time management skills which will enable them to juggle between school and play.
  • There is too much stress in the IB program
  • Parents are often worried about pressure. Teachers will be available to provide counsel for students. While grades are important, the IB program believes that success and achievement in the program dictates working “through it” and not “conquering it” with perfect grades.
  • IB students don’t get a life outside of school and IB students give up many of their long-time friendships
  • The great thing about IB is the extensive approach to interaction. There are many other school activities that can be shared among friends. This will allow students to meet new people and understand different cultures alongside respecting their personal histories. IB alumni are lifelong friends and the number and size of reunion events is testament to the close community feel among IB students.

5. How can an IB education help cultivate international-mindedness in my child?

learning with your child at home

The IB programme is an international programme that develops 21st century competencies – critical thinking, independent learning and teamwork taught first through local and national contexts developing to global contexts.

Students will get the opportunity to engage and interact with other students from across the globe. The programme aims to instill curiosity, respect, empathy and understanding towards others and the ever changing world. Students will not only learn to care about creating a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect, they will also be exposed to various cultural experiences.

The IB mission statement also looks to encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their difference can also be right.

Ian Chambers, Director of Asia Pacific at the International Baccalaureate has forged a successful career in education leadership and teaching over the past 14 years. He oversees the work of professional development, authorisation and evaluation of schools, recognition and the IB Educator Network (IBEN). Before joining the IB, Ian was Regional Manager, Asia Pacific for a provider of international qualifications for 14 – 19 year olds where he also held the position of Regional Manager, South Asia based in New Delhi, India.

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10 Out Of The Box Children’s Day Gift Ideas Tue, 06 Oct 2015 04:02:50 +0000 Instead of adding another toy or book to their already large collection, how about choosing one of these gift ideas instead?

1. A jar of love

Fill up a jam or mason jar with little notes of love and encouragement, letting your child know the things you love most about him, the ways you have seen him grow and memories of special times shared. Decorate the jar lid with a photo, or simply tie a ribbon round the side.

Where to buy: Mason jar – Papermarket, Spotlight, IKEA, Art Friend

Glass jar of love for kids

Photo source

2. DIY bakes

Measure out the ingredients to make a brownie or cookies and carefully scoop them, layer by layer, into a jar. Add a pretty ribbon and a tag with words of love. Alternative, you can use the ready-made mixes from brands like Betty Crocker to fill the jar instead of procuring all the separate ingredients. Try her Supreme Fudge Brownie mix, and add a layer of mini marshmallows to the top of the jar!

Where to buy: Betty Crocker brownie mix or other ingredients – NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage, Ribbons – Daiso, Spotlight, Popular

DIY Brownie

Photo source

3. Fancy dress costume

Surprise your child with the costume of his dreams! My Mini Me is a great one-stop shop for all your fancy dress needs, from Superman to Batman, Princess Elsa to Snow White. Rent your child’s favourite character costume for a week – it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to his face!

Where to buy: Rent costumes from You can buy costumes at Toys R Us or Spotlight.

my mini-me costumes for children

4. Treasure chest

Fill a box with a collection of little knick knacks that your child will love. They don’t have to cost much – think items like a whistle, a new pencil, a toy car, a small notebook, stickers, some sweets, coloured paper or a pack of Snap.

Where to buy: Daiso, for both the box and for the fillers.

5. A Movie Date

Treat your child to the latest cartoon on the big screen. If nothing in the cinema seems suitable this month, make your own tickets for a home movie night!

Where to buy: Buy movie tickets at Golden Village, Shaws, or subscribe to Netflix (available in Singapore soon). Also check out our list of best children’s movies.

6. A handmade card

Your child is always giving you pieces of his heart via her art – now’s your turn! Don’t worry if you’re no Picasso, your child will treasure your heart-work all the same. And be sure to pen a few words to affirm your child and let her know how much you love her.

Where to buy: Don’t buy – make your own!

7. Breakfast in bed

breaskfast in bed

Surprise your child with breakfast in bed – a great way to start the day on a special note! If you are worried about messy crumbs, get some interesting menu ideas here.

Where to buy: Ingredients readily available from your kitchen or at your nearest supermarket. Don’t know what to make, hop over to our recipe section! These Wholemeal crepes will instantly perk up their morning!

whole meal crepe for kids

Photo source

8. Ride in a trishaw

Too many of our children have never seen a trishaw, let alone ridden in one. Trishaw rides don’t come cheap, for sure, but it will definitely be a special memory for you and your child. Sign up in a group to get better rates here.

Where to buy: Book your ride online with Trishaw Uncle.

Go for a trishaw ride in singapore

Photo source

9. Balloons

making your own balloon drop

Bring your child’s favourite cartoon character or animal friend to life with balloons! Most party stores and florists have a variety of balloons for sale, which you can get them to blow up on the spot with helium. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at these stores, check out balloon wholesale distributors for a wider range of options.

Where to buy: The Party Stuff, Harvest Well Enterprise, Party Wholesale Centre, Balloon Maniac

pets balloons singapore

Photo Source

10. A book of vouchers

Make a set of simple vouchers which your child can “redeem”. Very young children will love the offer of a “Piggy Back Ride” or “Big Bear Hug”, while older kids might like “Control of the TV remote for the night” or “Stay Up Late Tonight”.

Where to buy: Small booklets from Daiso

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5,000 Participants Marked World Heart Day 2015 Mon, 05 Oct 2015 10:46:17 +0000 Organised by the Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF), the family-friendly carnival to celebrate World Heart Day this year saw the attendance of more than 5,000 participants. Centered on the theme of ‘Healthy Heart Choices for Everyone, Everywhere’, the activities lined-up for the day underscored how effortless it is for everyone to make sustainable lifestyle choices at home and at work, to reduce the risk factors of heart disease and stroke. The event was graced by Minister for Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong.

sandwich-making competition
(Left to right): Mr Gan Kim Yong, Mr Venon Kang and Professor Terrance Chua having a chat with a participant during the sandwich-making competition

In 2014, cardiovascular diseases (CVD), which includes heart disease and stroke, accounted for 29.9% of all deaths in Singapore. This means that nearly 1 out of 3 deaths is due to CVD, making it the top killer in the nation.

Spotlight placed on reducing risk factors such as high blood pressure
But CVD is largely preventable if one makes the conscious effort to reduce and possibly eliminate smoking, high blood pressure, physical inactivity and unhealthy diets – all of which are controllable risk factors.

“This year, SHF would like to focus the public’s attention especially on high blood pressure. Also known as the silent killer, because it has minimal or no symptoms until it is too late, stroke or heart attack can strike suddenly in patients with high blood pressure. It is important to know that treating high blood pressure can prevent these sudden catastrophic tragedies. However, because patients have no symptoms, they are either unaware that they have high blood pressure, or even if they are aware, do not realise the need to be treated because they feel well, until disaster strikes”, said Professor Terrance Chua, Chairman of the Singapore Heart Foundation.

To create greater awareness for the need to proactively check one’s blood pressure regularly and to advocate on the optimal blood pressure readings – less than 130mmHg for systolic and less than 80mmHg for diastolic readings – Singapore Heart Foundation debuted a short film, titled “I love you, Grandpa”, starring veteran actor, Mr Zhu Hou Ren. This is a poignant story of family ties that bind and of a boy’s unconditional love for his grandfather, who loves to eat unhealthy food despite constant reminders from his family members.

The film can be viewed via SHF’s social media channels from 3 Oct 2015 onwards – website, Facebook and YouTube.

SHF MEGA Heart and other highlights at World Heart Day
Also making its debut at World Heart Day this year is the Singapore Heart Foundation’s MEGA Heart, a larger-than-life inflatable walk-through heart exhibition. A highly interactive and educational experience, visitors were offered a magnified glimpse into the human heart chambers, where they learnt about the different parts, functions as well as the type of heart diseases and treatments.

MEGA Heart Exhibit
Singapore Heart Foundation’s MEGA Heart Exhibit

Other highlights at the carnival included a 1km ‘Walk for Life’ brisk walk in the morning; Zumba, a Latin-inspired dance workout; sandwich making competition; educational events such as CPR + AED course which certified 50 participants, nutri-educational exhibition and heart-health quizzes; free cardiac risk assessment and dental screening for registered participants.

For more information, please visit

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