Dewdrops Dec Enrichment Primary Schoolers

Dewdrops Dec Enrichment For Primary Schoolers

Week A: 8-12 Dec

  • Hands-on activity on making 2 Terrariums
  • Learn to prepare a Healthy Set Meal & Healthy Bread Roll
  • Indoor Inline Skating
  • Guitar for Kids
  • Canvas Art Painting

Week B: 15-19 Dec

  • My First Planting @ Hort Park
  • Forest Adventure & Zipline
  • Cupcake Decorating & Biscuit Baking
  • Making our own Strawberry Jam
  • Food Science Experiment @ Science Centre

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All the above are conducted by professional service vendors, inclusive of 3 meals, shower facilities, half day academic coaching by Dewdrops.

We are located at 34 Haig Road Singapore 438739