Beijing 101 “Back 2 Health Week” truly cares for your health and wellness

Free TCM Consultation

In conjunction with SG50, Beijing 101 is offering free TCM Consultation on 12 Jul 2015, Sunday, from 2 to 5pm and welcomes public to do a complimentary TCM Consultation that includes:

  • TCM Pulse and Face Diagnosis
  • Consultation for common sickness
  • Tips on eating healthy
  • Guide on health lifestyle

Woman checking other woman's pulse, close-up

Through this significant and meaningful event, Beijing 101 wants to help Singaporeans to know the importance of body health conditions and to create a better understanding of how TCM methodology helps to solve and address hair and scalp concerns positively and regain fuller looking hair.

From 6 to 12 July 2015 at Serangoon NEX Mall main atrium (Level 1), the Back 2 Health Week fills you in with the essential facts and valuable insights of hair and scalp care through TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) philosophy.
That’s not all! The public can look forward for exciting dart game to enjoy a complimentary scalp analysis to win attractive prizes throughout the week.

Armed with over four decades of experience in fighting hair loss, Beijing 101 Hair Consultants has emerged a leader in the professional hair care industry with a team of dedicated and friendly Hair Consultants to care for your hair health with a whole new experience.

Hair Consultants at Beijing 101 are professional in the fields of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and hair care concerns to provide you with the most appropriate hair care solution.

Healthy hair starts from Healthy scalp

We are all desired to have a head full of flourishing hair. However in this competitive society, we are facing different kind of stress all round from our daily life, be it work or personal. There are many other factors leading to hair problems, varies from enduring the local humid weather to the difficulties in maintaining healthy lifestyle such as sufficient sleep, proper meal habits and regular exercises.

Behind the countless strands of hair covering the hair roots where it grows, is where we commonly neglected. Accordingly to a study, over 50% of people worldwide are facing scalp problems such as oily scalp, itchiness, dry scalp, and dandruff that could attribute to hair loss.

On another note, most of us fail to realize the amount of hurt and damage our scalp went through on the day to day basis. Like the theoretical plant cycle in science we have learnt, healthy plant is dependent on an environment conducive for its growth. As the health of the scalp deteriorates, it affects the growth of new hair and the glow on the hair. A healthy scalp would not bring any discomfort or irritant while a balanced scalp pH level brings about stability of sebum production and allow for better absorption of nutrients for healthier hair growth.

BJ back to health july 2015

Beijing 101 fight against hair loss for over 41 years

There being said, ‘Beijing 101 Hair Consultants’ fights hair loss for over 41 years! “Back 2 Health Week” comes to live as a responsibility that it holds by heart for its customers. Beijing 101 is determined to promote its expertise and continue to effectively treat hair and scalp conditions using the natural power of premium Chinese herbs.

For over 41 years, Beijing 101 has lived up to its name of using top graded Chinese herbs in its treatment formulation to help customers fight hair loss and maintaining healthy scalp.

Beijing 101 has built a strong team of experienced hair consultants who took pride in enhancing customers’ confidence by solving their hair and scalp conditions. With a fundamental result to achieve, hair consultants at Beijing 101 monitor customers’ condition closely and follow through with customized treatment specific to their current situation in each visit.

41 years is a long road full of success stories for Beijing 101, it has since held a strong and steady foothold in Singapore with 8 outlets islandwide as well as sale of products in 60 countries today!

Beijing 101 is the most preferred hair care centre, awarded with multiple international awards and well-acclaimed by various renowned publications sharing numerous 101 success stories.

Let the hair down and let go of all hair frustrations with Beijing 101 as it offers a complete professional treatment that could address your hair loss problems.

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