Hear from Founder of MindChamps. Mr. David Chiem on preparing your child for the future!

Complimentary Talk
Saturday, 4 March 2017
10am to 1pm
Admission for parents only

Reserve a seat now www.mindchamps.org/curriculum-talk!

mindchamps curriculum talk 2017

That’s right. By the time our young champs from PreSchool face the real world, it is 2036!

  • Learn the real research behind MindChamps’ proprietary unique pedagogy & curriculum and how it will equip them for the world in 2036.
  • Learn how the research of the 3-Minds, CHAMPION MIND, LEARNING MIND & CREATIVE MIND is applied into MindChamps’ PreSchool classrooms.
  • Learn the difference between Curriculum and Pedagogy and how an education programme is brought to life.

Visit www.mindchamps.org/curriculum-talk to secure your seat now!