1. Hay Dairies
View Goat Milking Process at Hay Dairies. Milking takes place once a day, in the very early morning till about 10:30am. On average, each goat produces around 3 litres of milk a day only.

hay dairies goat farm in singapore

Location: 3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4 Singapore 718859

For more information, visit Hay Dairies

2. Viknesh (Vishnu) Dairy Farm
Viknesh Dairy Farm (Vishnu Cow Farm Singapore) is a little known dairy farm located at Singapore Kranji countryside.

curious cow in cattle farm singapore

Location: 6 Lim Chu Kang Road Lane 8A Singapore 719607

For more information, visit Viknesh (Vishnu) Dairy Farm

3. Jurong Frog Farm
Children can get their hands on the real, big slippery frogs here at the farm! There are four different tour packages where you can join with your children in this farm.

washing area in jurong frog farm

Location: 51 Lim Chu Kang Lane (Plot 56) Singapore 718864

For more information, visit Jurong Frog Farm

4. Farmart
Get up close to the farm animals such as chicken, quails, bull frogs, birds, hamsters, and more – you will even witness chicks hatching if you’re lucky! Take a farm tour conducted by none other than Uncle William himself, affectionately nicknamed “The Quail Man of Lim Chu Kang”

bullfrog and tortise feeding in animal farmart singapore

Location: 67 Sungei Tengah Road Singapore 699008

For more information, visit Farmart Centre Singapore

5. The Animal Resort
Animal Resort is a great way to introduce the kids to the good old kampong days and the animals that they do not have a chance to get close encounters with. This is an extraordinary facility designed to house Singapore’s education, conversation and science programs under one ‘living roof’. From rabbits to dogs to birds there are animals for everyone.

family of goose at seletar animal resort

Location: T81 Seletar West Farmway 5 Singapore 798061

For more information, visit The Animal Resort

6. Ericsson Pet Farm
With humble beginnings, Eric’s great passion for animals turned into a wonderful business that brings love, warmth and joy to many people in this part of the world.

Visit Ericsson Pet Farm today to witness this awesome transformation and feel this wonderful experience for yourself.

Address: No. 16 Pasir Ris Farmway 2, Singapore 519316

For more information, visit Ericsson Pet Farm

7. Qian Hu Fish Farm

qian hu tanks of ornamental fish

Location: 71 Jalan Lekar Sungei Tengah Singapore 698950

For more information, visit Qian Hu Fish Farm

8. Mainland Tropical Fish Farm
In this fish farm, children will get to see Arapaima, the largest freshwater fish in the world! Besides that, there are also many different other fishes such as stingrays, red and silver arowanas, huge catfishes and fresh water prawns.

fish feeding in mainland fish farm

Location: No 1 Pasir Ris Farmway 1 Singapore 519352

For more information, visit Mainland Tropical Fish Farm

9. Hausmann Marketing Aquarium

Location: 291 Neo Tiew Crescent Singapore 718903

For more information, visit Hausmann Marketing Aquarium

Not Open to Public

Lian Wah Hang Quail Poultry Farm Singapore
Lian Wah Hang Farm is no longer open to the public. To buy quail eggs from the farm, please visit Uncle William enterprises at Farmart Centre.

925C or Kranji Express at Kranji MRT Bus Stop

Location: 5 Lim Chu Kang 6F Singapore 718918

For more information, visit Lian Wah Hang Quail Poultry Farm

Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Farm
Singapore’s remaining crocodile farm is not opened to the public. However, you can still visit it through a pre-organised tour via Uncle William’s Crocodile Farmtrail.

long kuan hung singapore crocodile farm

Location: 321 Neo Tiew Crescent, Singapore 718914

For more information, visit Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Farm

Already closed

Kids Kampong

pasir ris kids kampong fish feeding